Mushroom soup, Christmas Eve special dish

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious Christmas dishes: Christmas Eve mushroom soup, made of dried mushrooms. After all, our table cannot miss this traditional dish! Making this mushroom soup is simple and takes little time. For cooking, we can use dried mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and / or boletus mushrooms from the store, but […]

Christmas red borscht with beetroot leaven

Hey guys!┬áToday I have another recipe for you for Christmas dishes: Christmas Eve sourdough red borscht, a traditional dish that cannot be missed on our festive table. Many people are afraid of homemade borscht, because sometimes it can fail, but it’s not worth worrying about, it happened to me very rarely. And teabag soups bought will […]

Pumpkin soup: delicious and healthy, the simplest recipe

Hey guys! Today I have a new recipe for you – healthy pumpkin soup. This is a really simple recipe to make and very tasty, especially when the first fall rains, frosts and colds come. Pumpkin soup is great for warming you up and improves your mood, it is also very healthy. A perfect dish for lunch or […]

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