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Rice water rinse- for volume, curl definition and hair growth

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Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair care – a rice rinse for hair. This cheap and homemade cosmetic works not only for hair growth and loss, but also for smoothing, beautiful shine and, of course, volume from the roots, which is important especially for curly hair. The rinse lifts the hair from the roots, improves the curl and makes it visually more.

This is another very popular method of hair care for hair maniacs. All rinses are a great end and complement to washing your hair, because through them we can additionally close the cuticles, nourish, increase volume and shine. It is thanks to the starch and vitamins contained in such a home cosmetic.

Rice water rinse is a long-known method that comes from the old blogs of hair maniacs, but recently I returned to this method. I try to be Eco and I always keep water from cooking any unsalted food to water the flowers. But if it is good for plants, why not for our beauty? Thanks to this, I remembered not only about this rinse, but also about rice water, i.e. a fermented rice rub, which was perfect for my hair growth and nourishment. I will write about it soon in the next post.

Meanwhile, the effect of such a rice rinse on my hair was also great. The hair seemed stiffer and lifted, full of volume. If you are interested in what DIY is and how to make a rinse for the beauty of our hair, please read the rest of this post.

Rice hair rinse recipe


  • a portion of rice (it can be white, but preferably brown, wild, black)
  • liter of boiling water

Execution :

Time needed:  15 minutes.

  1. Rinsing.Rinse a portion of rice thoroughly in a strainer under running water. Pour water in a pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Cooking.Cook the rice according to the recipe on the packaging, appropriate for the selected type. It’s good to overcook the sky or let it swell.
  3. Draining.Strain the cooked rice well on a sieve, pressing it lightly. We cool the resulting water. It should be slightly cloudy and whitish. Pour the rinse into a bowl and fill it with tap water.
  4. We wash our hair.Use the rinse right after washing your hair. Pour the cup over the head, then the length, then dip your hair in the bowl several times. We end with a rinse with cold water. We arrange as usual.
Rice rinse for hair

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It is good to overcook our rice a bit or to leave it to swell. However, I use the water that is simply left over from cooking the rice for dinner. It should be slightly cloudy and whitish. I keep the stock in the fridge or freeze it in portions – until the next washing of my hair.

It can also be used for hair oiling.

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