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Rhubarb on the hair | How to lighten your hair naturally?

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you on how to naturally lighten your hair with Rhubarb, it will help us to recover from it.

It is not a popular herb in our country, growing wild in meadows and fields. Fermentation preparations are mainly used in medicine – in small doses to improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and in higher doses they have a laxative effect. Of course, hair maniacs have long discovered the great effect of refreshing our hair – it delicately lightens the hair by a few tones, but does not damage it. This herb contains malic acid, responsible for lightening and chrysophanol, which, like in Cassi, gives the hair golden reflex. It is definitely worth getting interested in this plant and including it in your hair care. It is definitely one of the cheapest and healthiest methods to lighten our hair, known for a long time in the world of hair bloggers. If you were interested in this way of using the deception, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Rhubarb, what is that?

Palmaceous red, or medical rhubarb,  grows wild in the mountains of Southeast Asia, China and eastern Tibet. It has a thick, fleshy rhizome and strong roots. The herbal raw material is the roots of palm shrubs or a related species, also from Tibet ( Rheum officinale Baillon ), harvested during the flowering period. Rooting root contains tannins, resins, rutin, flavonoids, starch, organic acids, a few percent of anthraquinones, mineral salts, and among them, calcium oxalate. Fermentation preparations are used in small doses to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. In higher doses, they have a laxative effect. 

Where to find it?

Rare can be bought in a herbal store or in a pharmacy with herbal products, but it is best to order it online – due to its low popularity in medicine, it may be poorly available.

Rhei Radix on hair – how to make a natural dye?


  • a quarter cup of thistle root
  • a teaspoon of chamomile
  • half a cup of hot water
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • spoon of honey
  • 3 drops of oil
  • spoon of conditioner without silicones or an egg

Hair dye – workmanship

Time required:  20 min ..

Bleeding on the hair

  1. We grind the herbs.In a coffee grinder, we grind the rooting root together with the chamomile.
  2. Brew.Pour boiling water over the herbs and leave them to stretch. The consistency of a thick paste should come out.
  3. Mixing ingredients.Then add the honey, lemon juice and leave it again for at least an hour to let the dye release. We can wash the hair.
  4. Before applying.Just before applying the mixture on the head, add oil and yolk or conditioner, the mixture should be easier to apply and not dry your hair.
  5. We put the mixture.Finally, we apply the paint to washed cleansing shampoo and pressed hair.
  6. We wrap the head with foil and turban.We leave for min. 40 minutes to max. 2 h, rinse thoroughly.

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Paint by spikes- remarks

The basic recipe for decaying dye is herb and water with lemon juice, the rest of the additives are there for moisturizing and texture as well as deepening the lightening effect of the hair.

Raven lightens the hair to a cold shade, so chamomile is necessary here. You can add other herbs to the mixture: linden, mullein, rose petals, marigold petals, mallow, jasmine.
All herbs dry the skin and hair, so we add a lot of moisturizing substances to the paint, e.g. conditioner, and after rinsing the mixture, you should additionally moisten the hair, e.g. with linseed glutin.

We can also add linseed gel from the mixture, fenugreek or a tablespoon of gelatin, which will make the hair soft and weighted. You can also add potato starch to thicken the mixture, which will make your hair smoother.

The herb strongly colors the skin yellow , so do not apply it to the scalp and use gloves!

Rhubarb for bleaching hair – does it work?

Of course! Quickly lightens hair by several shades and gives it a golden glow. The effects are usually visible after the first dyeing, especially if we added other herbs that lighten the hair.

Bleeding does not damage the hair, but smoothes it and adds shine, it curls better and is reflected from the scalp. However, like any herb, it can dry out, so you need to be careful with such natural paint and not use it too often. Natural methods do not work as spectacularly as chemical paints, but systematic application of this mixture, supported by daily care, will certainly allow us to achieve the desired, brighter color without damaging the hair.

And who said we need chemical, toxic preparations that damage our hair?

Do you know this method for lightening hair? asia

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