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Recipe for waffles | the simplest, delicious and fast

Hey guys! Today I have the simplest waffles recipe possible for you. It is a really quick and easy-to-make recipe for a delicious breakfast or dessert that will surely appeal to all household members.

How delicious autumn can be, although the weather has not spoiled us lately. Recently, I was looking at vacation photos and I immediately remembered the taste of crispy, hot waffles with whipped cream in booths by the sea. These may not be as perfect as the oven ones, but they are a healthy alternative. They are very crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They are easy to bake and can be prepared in just a few minutes. Perfect as well as with powdered sugar and any additives: fruit, cream, peanut and chocolate butter or jam and preserve. Children love them! They are delicious! If you are interested in these sweets, check out my recipe.

Recipe for waffles |  the simplest, delicious and fast

Recipe for waffles


  • 40 g flour (wheat, millet, oat)
  • 1/3 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 100 ml of milk 
  • frying oil


  • peanut butter, jam, marmalade, whipped cream, fruit etc.


Time required:  10 min ..

Recipe for waffles

  1. Preparation of ingredients for wafflesWe measure the ingredients carefully and prepare a mixing bowl, you can also quickly blend the dough.
  2. Mix ingredientsThrow all of them, except for the oil, into a bowl and mix them thoroughly.
  3. Preparation of the waffle ironWarm up the waffle iron properly and brush the oil on the plates with a brush.
  4. Frying wafflesPour out the mass and fry the waffles for about 5 minutes, using almost maximum power. 

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Recipe for waffles |  the simplest, delicious and fast

Recipe for waffles – notes:

It is best to serve the waffles immediately after cooking, when they are warm and crispy. With sweet additions, depending on your taste: cream, powdered sugar, erythritol or cinnamon, with raspberry jam, plum jam, melted chocolate. My suggestion for serving is cream for pouring and erytrol for sprinkling on top. Delicious!

Do you like this recipe? Don’t the waffles look appetizing?
I hope you will try to make them. Enjoy your meal!

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