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Ice Cream | Protein Fit with vanilla, pear and banana

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious, healthy sweets: protein ice cream with pear, banana and vanilla.

Delicious and healthy homemade dessert is not difficult to make. It is enough to have seasonal fruit and a base that will make the mass thick. In this recipe, as in the previous one, I also use bananas that are readily available and inexpensive, and provide us with a lot of potassium and good carbohydrates. The addition of necessary proteins is provided by a protein supplement and yogurt. You can also add ground, soaked nuts, pineapple instead of banana, and other healthy additives you want.

It always comes out, it’s delicious, creamy and melts like real ice cream: no cream, no sugar, no eggs, actually only fruit. They are the perfect dessert for everyone, not only on a diet. Feel free to my recipe!

Protein ice cream
Protein ice cream

Protein ice cream with vanilla, pear and banana


  • 1 frozen banana, cut into pieces
  • 1 pear frozen
  • a scoop of protein powder with vanilla flavor *
  • xylitol, erytrol or other sweetener – a teaspoon
  • vanilla extract -a few drops
  • vanilla flavored protein yogurt ** – half per serving

* if we do not have vanilla conditioner, we add regular and more vanilla extract
** we can use Greek or ordinary again by adding more vanilla and protein powder (we do not use milk because it will be too thin)

Protein Fit Ice Cream
Protein Fit Ice Cream

A method of preparing ice cream:

There are two ways to make these delicious homemade dessert.

  1. Cut the banana and pear into pieces and put them in the freezer.We freeze at least an hour before making ice cream. Then, after mixing, it can be immediately served on the table, it is in the right consistency for consumption.
  2. Mix the fruit with or without freezing with the rest of the ingredients.We start with yoghurt, then add dry ingredients to the creamy mass. Protein dessert still needs to be frozen for at least 2 hours, but not too long, because it will be as hard as ice.
Protein Fit Ice Cream
Protein ice cream

Serve this delicious cream quickly as it will thaw, so make it right before serving. Of course, the mass or leftover can be frozen again and served later.

We can pour them with melted chocolate, decorate with ground almonds and fresh fruit or syrup.


The recipe can of course be used in any diet by slightly varying the appropriate ingredients. In a vegan diet, we replace the conditioner with vegetable protein, and yogurt – with soy yoghurt or plant drink. In the keto diet, we use cream and in the very fit diet – fat-free yogurt and calorie-free syrup.

Ingredients for ice cream

If you don’t have a protein supplement, you can skip it and add more protein yogurt. Fortunately, they are always available in any supermarket, and they are sugar-free.

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Ingredients for ice cream

It is always worth keeping frozen bananas in the freezer, then we can quickly make such a tasty, protein, low-fat and healthy dessert.

Will you be tempted by protein dessert? Enjoy your meal!

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