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BURN ACTIVE for slimming – effects after a month

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Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about dietary supplementation, the effects of slimming treatment with BURN ACTIVE tablets.

I recently received this dietary supplement as part of tests and today I decided to write to you how it worked. It was my monthly treatment with the preparation, during which I also reduced calories, ate healthy and varied, and increased physical activity. I have used several products of this type before, which burn fat and accelerate metabolism. How did the tests go? If you are interested in how Burn Active worked for me, please read the rest of this post.

Burn Active slimming pills

Burn Active Piperine tablets for slimming

Burn Active  is a dietary supplement with a completely natural recipe that, in addition to  piperine, also  contains  green tea, cayenne pepper, guarana  and c hrom.. It is thanks to this mixture that it reliably helps to reduce weight. As you know, piperine supports lipolysis and thermogenesis, i.e. the processes responsible for fat burning. In addition, it has a detoxifying, antibacterial and diuretic effect. Green tea regulates digestive processes, regulates cholesterol levels, and speeds up metabolism. Guarana is responsible for increasing energy, stimulating and accelerating fat burning, while cayenne pepper eliminates flatulence, supports digestive processes, and increases the production of gastric juices. In turn, the merit of chromium is to maintain the proper level of cholesterol, control wolf appetite attacks, stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin.

Burn Active application

As recommended, take one capsule daily before or during a meal with water. The product should not be taken by children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Due to the high caffeine content, people with hypertension should consult a doctor before starting the treatment. One package provides a monthly treatment.

Price: 149 PLN.

Capacity: 30 tablets / package

Burn Active for weight loss

My opinion after a month of treatment

Burn Active application

The tablets are white, small and oblong. At the beginning of the treatment I wrote that I had no problems swallowing them. However, it is not very convenient – you have to take them after breakfast, drinking plenty of water, so our stomach is already full. In addition, tablets like to stand in the throat sometimes and it is a very unpleasant feeling. Sometimes less, sometimes more, but once the tablet stopped completely and even drinking it did not help, I remember this event very unpleasantly. They could definitely be smaller, or even two, instead of one huge one.

My treatment

The composition of the supplement is similar to other products that I have already tested, so I was not afraid of using  BURN ACTIVE.  Unfortunately, I am a person with a low metabolic rate, so such preparations have always been helpful in losing weight. So I have high hopes that this one will prove helpful.

Unfortunately, these types of pills are not a magic means of slimming, but they will help “move” fat accumulated in the tissues for burning. We will have more energy, also for work, it will be warmer and we will feel less fatigue in the fall.

When I started using Burn Active tablets, I really felt a surge of energy, the ingredients contained in it certainly improved my daily functioning and mood on cold days. I didn’t feel like taking a nap or snacking on sweets.

Burn Active slimming pills

Side effects

Unfortunately, during the treatment I also felt unpleasant effects – irritability, trembling hands, faster pulse, difficulty falling asleep. I felt like an energetic man, so it can be dangerous for people with any heart disease and those living under stress. It is worth getting acquainted with the doctor’s opinion before using this type of supplements!

My effects:

I lost half a kilo, which is what you would expect after a typical (healthy) weight loss month. During this time, I limited my calorie consumption, ate healthy and varied, and increased my physical activity. The results would be similar without taking any supplements, so it’s hard to say if Burn Active helped anything here. With this result, I am joining the group of people for whom the drug did not work after a month of treatment. Perhaps it was too short a period of time – to notice any effect of supplements on hair loss, you need at least two months of treatment, so it is possible that with these pills it is similar. However, I decided not to continue the treatment. The price scares me off and I worry about side effects. I could buy a cheaper drug with a similar composition, but I would prefer more natural solutions.

Burn Active

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Do I recommend Burn Active? Yes, but only for healthy people who lack energy and have a low metabolism. Also for active people who play sports, because it will definitely help them achieve better results. The supplement will not lose weight quickly and magically, but it will definitely help in the long-term process of healthy weight loss. If we have to help each other a little, why not!

Do you use these types of supplements?

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