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Linseed water DIY for hair | how to do and what to use for

Hi guys! Today, another post from the cycle of DIY hair recipes – linseed water. 

As you know, linseed gel is the best natural gel for styling curly hair. It is also a great moisturizer for our hair, which we can use in many ways. Kernel water has the same functions and is very easy to do. So maybe you need a recipe that is not at all time-consuming or requires practice to make, like linseed gel. It always works for that. If you are interested in this simplest recipe, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Linseed water

  • demineralized water
  • possibly overcooked
  • linseed (not ground)
  • dish and teaspoon
  • container with a spray gun


The recipe for linseed water is very simple. Pour a measure of linseed into a cup and pour water over it so that it covers it. There are no exact proportions, but the more water, the thinner the gel will be. I like to make the proportion of water twice as much to the seeds. Such water is thick enough not to run off your hands immediately and it is easy to spread on your hair.

Let the dish rest for a few hours, it can be put in the refrigerator overnight.

The water is ready when the gel thickens a little and the seeds are soaked. To speed up this process, you can add heated water.

Then strain the seeds from the water, preferably through the usual strainer.
We keep the water in the refrigerator for a few days, but it is better to use it on an ongoing basis, then it can break down.

How to use linseed water?

Linseed water is a versatile, cheap and simple cosmetic. It’s best to simply rub it with your fingers into your hair. However, it will not stiffen the hair like a linseed gel, but it can be used as a light varnish by sprinkling the hair with a spray or as an oil primer when resuscitating curls. It is also perfect as a lotion or foundation for regular hair oiling – scalp and length. Of course, it will also be good as a hair moisturizing mist and face tonic, 2 in 1. Or as an addition to other cosmetics – masks, face masks, conditioners, etc.

Remember that when using water, you do not have to worry about maintaining the PEH balance – the effect of both the gel and the seed water is so natural and gentle that you cannot overdose and over-moisturize your hair.

So use water as a moisturizing treatment for your hair whenever it needs it.

So you can see that it is worth doing such DIY and keeping water in the fridge.

Will you try this method?

linseed water

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No waste – don’t waste seeds

Use the remaining seeds from the recipe until… eaten. It is a great addition to yoghurts, soups or muesli, which provides us with many vitamins, while also stimulating our hair to grow naturally – from the inside!

Soon I will add a few recipes for dishes using these seeds, you will definitely need them!

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