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DIY Hair Growth Mask: Yeast, Tulsi and Clay

Hi! I come to you today with another post about home cosmetics, this time it will be a DIY yeast washing hair mask.

Such a mask will perfectly cleanse the scalp of sebum, all impurities and oil residues after emulsifying. We can treat it as a combo shampoo with 2 in 1 hair conditioner, completely natural, organic and without unnecessary chemicals. For those who grow their hair and those who fight hair loss, as well as for everyone who likes home-made hair washing mixtures. If you are interested in my DIY mask recipe, check out my post!

DIY hair mask

The mask is a brilliant alternative, especially to the Agafia Yeast Mask – if we want to test its effects (or smell) before buying, or we denote the hair products and do not want to buy anything new yet. 

The DIY Yeast Hair Growth Mask provides the hair with a wealth of essential B vitamins and minerals. It prevents oily hair, hair loss and premature aging.

Yeast stimulates hair and stimulates its growth.
Clay  contains a large amount of minerals, gently cleanses the skin and hair by absorbing sebum.

The mask is cheap and effective, so it’s definitely worth a try. What do we need for such a potion?

DIY hair mask

DIY mask for hair growth – recipe, how to make


  • A tablespoon of light conditioner without silicones 
  • Packaging of instant baker’s yeast in powder (or fresh, dissolved into a paste) 
  • Clay, preferably white or yellow
  • A few drops of light oil, e.g. mustard, linseed, argan oil,

    optional additives:
  • a few drops of rosemary essential oil (stimulates growth)
  • aloe gel (or linseed glutton) for consistency
  • possibly Polish herbs also good for growth (I often add Tulsi, which has a great effect on hair)
  • (If you have leftovers of ground fenugreek from making wcierki, you can also add this herb)

DIY Hair Growth Mask- preparation:

Pour a small amount of warm, boiled water over the yeast and leave it to mature for a while. We mix the rest of the ingredients into a thick paste. The more conditioner we add, the greater the nourishing effect will be on the hair, and the less it will act as a shampoo. 

Apply the DIY mask to a damp head, or to the length of the hair, massage and wrap the hair in foil or under a cap for a maximum of twenty minutes, then rinse. If the hair has not been washed for a long time or has been oiled too abundantly, such a shampoo may not be able to wash it off and you should wash your hair again with a shampoo and a mild detergent. If you apply the mask to the entire length of your hair, remember that this is a protein treatment and it’s better not to overdo it with similar ingredients afterwards 🙂 

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After such a DIY mask, I usually use a silicone serum on the ends of my hair to protect them from damage and add weight.  

hair mask

An alternative to such homemade potions can be to buy a ready-made mask. If you do not want to mix yeast every time, I recommend the already mentioned mask “Agafia’s hair mask yeast stimulating growth” (about PLN 9), which is also suitable for washing and for a treatment that greatly accelerates hair growth. 

Hair maniacs surely know this cosmetic well already !

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