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Keto fit grocery haul at Carrefour store, budget keto diet

Hey! Today I have a long promised post for you, Keto fit shopping with Carrefour this time nutritional, i.e. a new series about what is worth buying tasty and healthy keto in the stores.

These will be ketogenic and carnivore products such as meat, dinner dishes, sausages, eggs, cream, etc. As you may know, I am currently on a ketogenic diet, but I am eager to try new things and I love creating new recipes. However, at the beginning of my keto adventure, I did not know what to buy. So if you are curious what caught my eye among the store shelves in the store, I invite you to the next part of the post.

Keto fit shopping with Carrefour on budget:

Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?
Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?

Sokołów, Naturrino smoked ham

The whole series consists of healthier meats with a good composition that taste great. if there is no GoodValley, he buys this, especially since it is often in the Carrefour promotional basket. You can buy ahead and freeze.

Ham from my brother-in-law, by weight:

Pieces of meat without ingredients also sometimes end up on my plate, as an addition to dinner and broth. cheap but unhealthy.

Captain Navi, Wolin herrings:

Fish are invaluable on the keto diet, the wealth of healthy fats is especially important for the brain. It’s better to choose the ones in water and cream than in oil, but they were needed for the recipe.

Carrefour extra, sardines in water:

Another cheap and healthy gem. I don’t like white fish, but these canned foods are delicious, have the least metals of all, and are rich in omega acids. They also have an oil version, but I don’t know how much you can trust it. It’s better to buy it in its own juice and season it yourself.

Gambozola cheese by weight:

Another discounted loot, blue moldy cheese perfect for keto fit sandwiches and eggs.

Crow’s feet:

A great addition to a healthy broth, which will give us a wealth of collagen. I recommend it on any diet.

Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?
Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?

Chicken on herbs, raised without antibiotics:

New in the store, at least not in mine before. Good quality, big cuts of meat for a decent price. Despite the higher price than ordinary poultry, it pays off very well, because ordinary poultry meat will be a poor option for everyone. The animals live in terrible conditions, they are fed with the cheapest fodder and this has a huge impact on the quality of the meat. On keto, we eat fatty meats, with skin and fat, in which these toxins are deposited, so I do not advise saving on this one thing.

Sierpc, light royal cheese

bought for my sister on a fit diet, tasty on keto eggs and sandwiches. Nice when we want to fit in a macro. Thin slices, delicate flavor.

Piątnica, high-protein cottage cheese:

Delicious grainy cheese. Cheese with a surprisingly low amount of fat and more protein, good for fit people who cannot find light and active cheeses in stores. I also eat on keto, because dairy usually has a lot of sugars, without more protein it doesn’t pay off.

Maluta, 0% fat low fat miss talia:

Perfect for people on a fit diet and low fat keto, you can eat on any diet because it’s tasty and healthy. On regular keto, I mix it with sour cream and there are less carbs.

Profeel, protein pudding mint with chocolate:

Delicious custard puddings come in several flavors, they are theoretically in the keto macro range, but I advise against eating them too often. They contain carrageenan and starch and artificial sweeteners – they destroy our intestinal health. Definitely in moderation!

Bakoma, men vanilla protein shake 20 g of protein:

Just like the previous one, we produce on keto sometimes and in moderation. It is thin and suitable as coffee milk. Super sweet. In addition, the manufacturer funny labels men’s products in dark colors and gives them more protein :)

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Sante, GO ON Nutrition , Protein bar 33% salty caramel

Delicious, new protein bars that contain a lot of protein and relatively little carbohydrates. If we can’t live without sweets for keto adaptation, this is suitable. Of course, in moderation, it’s best to eat real food on any diet, not lab-made sweets.

Broccoli and green lettuce

Typical keto green and ground-growing vegetables that are low in carbohydrates and are ideal as an addition to a healthy dinner.

Brown mushrooms:

Perfect for keto scrambled eggs. If you have problems with hunger during adaptation, mushrooms, butter and sausage or bacon cut into 3 eggs will keep you full for many hours. You can walk all day in the mountains :)


I use it in vinegar and salt drinks all day, it’s the perfect drink to accompany fasting and between meals for better digestion.

Carrefour, what is worth buying cheap on a keto fit diet?

During my last visit to the store, I noticed some interesting new items.

Also mixes for bread and cakes – keto multi mix and brownie mix by Bezgluten. Composition on keto good, good reviews. from the Internet, it is only a little for the amount of bread or rolls from one package. Might buy to try.

Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?
Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?

Polmak, pasta 38 low glycemic index

Low GI pasta is now available in stores. There are two shapes, the composition is durum wheat, lupine flour and fibers. For diabetics, yes, but is it suitable for keto? A bit expensive and not low in carbs at all. Anyone tested?

Balviten whole grain bread

The company has several types of low GI breads, on the gluten-free stand, they are similar to protein mestemacher bread, but still contain millet flakes and cereals. I wouldn’t eat it unless on a carb boost. In dm and on Allegro you can get low carb bread from this company. A few slices, preservatives, and a very high price. You can eat on the run.

Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?
Keto fit shopping with Carrefour, what to buy cheap on keto?

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