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Balea, Alverde, Babylove: new purchases from DM drugstore

Hey dear friends! Today I have a long-promised post for you about beauty shopping worth doing at DM drugstores: Balea, Alverde, Babylove. DM Drogeriemarkt is a popular chain of German brand stores similar to our Rossmann Drugstore, which can be found in Europe. The assortment has quite a lot, and you can find both brand-name cosmetics and cheap, natural gems with good ingredients for body, face and hair care.

On top of that, there are natural colors, novelties and lots of sales, which makes it one of my favorite stores. I, for one, have often traveled to the Czech Republic for natural color and eco skin care products. I recently visited a new stationary store in my city for a little shopping. So if you’re curious what caught my eye among the store’s shelves, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Balea, Alverde, Babylove: nowe zakupy z drogerii DM

Balea cosmetics: aqua serum and Vital + eye cream

Balea are DM Drugstore’s own brand cosmetics, very similar to the Isana we already know. They are usually very inexpensive and usually with pretty good compositions. Here, I most recommend a very cheap set of good and natural facial cosmetics: a simple and inexpensive moisturizing serum with a light texture and a peptide anti-wrinkle eye cream. This cream surprised me a lot! Almost odorless, thick and substantial, with a good and rich composition. Great.

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Balea, aluminum-free deodorant

Probably the cheapest deodorants on the market in terms of price to capacity ratio, almost all without alcohol and aluminum, often Sensitive and Ultra with sensational soothing additives. They are worth looking into.

Balea, Alverde, Babylove: nowe zakupy z drogerii DM

Balea med, hand cream and gel 5% Urea 2-in-1 shampoo and shower gel

Another counterpart to Isan cosmetics: cheap, good and with natural ingredients, also suitable for allergy sufferers. The cream is soothing and very pleasant, enveloping, with a light scent like nivea. The gel could be unscented, but it is pleasant, despite the sls it does not seem to dry out the skin.

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Babylove sensitive, cold and wind cream

This series is the equivalent of Babydream from Rossmann, just as good in price and composition. I bought as a winter cream for myself, so far it works well. very thick and glowing.

Donto dent, sensitive

Great and very inexpensive line for sensitive teeth! It has worked well for me alternating with Elmex. The liquid does not have a harsh taste, which bothers many people.

Alverde, kalendarz adwentowy z DM

Alverde, advent calendar from DM

Finally, my treasure – Alverde calendar with natural cosmetics. It looks very nice and atmospheric, price-wise it’s worth it – not much clogging crap, just cosmetics. Miniatures come out at about 3-4 zl a piece. Of course, I checked the composition – most of them without alcohol. I can’t wait to test and open in December!

Do you know these cosmetics from DM?

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