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Keto budget food grocery haul at discount stores

Hey loved ones! Today I have a long promised post for you, Keto shopping from Biedronka, this time nutritional, i.e. a new series about what is worth buying tasty and healthy keto in the stores.

These will be ketogenic and carnivore products such as meat, dinner dishes, sausages, eggs, cream, etc. As you may know, I am currently on a ketogenic diet, but I am eager to try new things and I love creating new recipes. However, at the beginning of my keto adventure, I did not know what to buy. So if you are curious what caught my eye among the shelves in the Biedronka store, I invite you to the next part of the post.

Keto shopping with Budget stores :

Frozen vegetables Frozen land

Cheap and good mixes for every diet. On keto, I just take out the carrots and potatoes that my sister eats. Good choice when fresh vegetables are so expensive. greek fried veggies are great for wraps, winter and spring soup has lots of keto veggies.

Światowid, Gouda cheese block 400 g

A cheap and large block of cheese for sandwiches and grating, e.g. for pizza. Perfect in taste, cheaper than in slices and zero carbs, a good option to save.

Fruvita, Natural Skyr

Fat-free protein yoghurt popular on a fit diet. I buy it just for the protein – each yogurt has a lot of sugar, so it’s not worth eating it with spoons without this addition. I use it to make flavored desserts with extra fat, because it’s keto :)

Note: flavored skyrs have a ton of white sugar! They are very unhealthy.

Tolonis, Greek type yogurt

The only thing I don’t recommend. Accidentally bought, contains artificial thickeners and powdered milk, a ton of carbs. It’s not even real yogurt, just a cheap imitation. I advise against!

Delicate, lean cottage cheese

Again cheap and good cheese for everything. I also buy for the protein and for my sister, then add extra butter.

Keto shopping with Biedronka, what is worth buying to eat?

Bakador, mix of nuts and dried fruit

These are not pure nuts, they contain dried fruits, raisins and cashews, which are not recommended for keto. However, I buy them to share with my sister, because it works out cheaper, I choose a few nuts per portion.

Vitanella, Protein bar 27% protein

Already famous for fit and keto bar, which is very similar to snickers. It is sweetened with maltidol and is very high in carbs, so I would not recommend it for keto. Sometimes I eat a small piece to taste, again bought for my sister.

Delicate, natural Camembert cheese with herbs

The basis in our house. A protein and fat bomb, delicious on sandwiches and from the pan, even without breadcrumbs. Although you can’t eat all the time because it will mess with your hormones. After all, good for keto and for veggies for variety.

Keto shopping with Biedronka, what is worth buying to eat?

Nature meat land, free-range chicken thigh

The best composition and the most eco-friendly chicken from Biedronka. Despite the higher price, it pays off a lot, because ordinary poultry meat will be a poor option for everyone. The animals live in terrible conditions, they are fed with the cheapest fodder and this has a huge impact on the quality of the meat. On keto, we eat fatty meats, with skin and fat, in which these toxins are deposited, so I do not advise saving on this one thing.

Goodvalley, Dolina Dobra, Pork loin fillet

My favorite Polish organic company that produces the best quality pork. You can find almost everything from this company in Biedronka, I recommend it for every keto shopping.

Dolina Dobra, Minced meat from pork shoulder

It is very aromatic and is great for burgers. Good quality, little membranes and additives, only red meat, even quite lean.

Drobimex, baked breast

I rate the quality of the meat as average, I bought it for my sister but ate it to boost the protein in my diet. The taste is good, the composition could be better, definitely not worth eating too often. Fit more than keto-lean roasted meat.

Land of meats, chicken breast fillet

An example of a thing I don’t recommend unless there’s nothing else. Unorganic, unhealthy and not even that cheap. The upside is that it’s lean so no fat toxins, you can fry it in butter and have a nice keto dinner. Such meat is of little value, only lean protein, but it soaks up spices nicely. Sometimes you can.

Family fish, pollock and cod sirloin

Another cheap and healthy gem from Biedronka. I don’t like white ruby, but the cod and pollock fillets are delicious. I fry in butter and season, the packaging is good for the freezer, because you can cut it into portions.

Krasnystaw, natural kefir

I like it when the kefir producer knows what kind of bacteria he adds to his product. This one is just like that – capacious, cheap, delicious and very healthy. We drink kefir an keto, even though it has sugars, because they work wonders for our intestinal flora. For insomnia and depression, I also recommend a glass before bed.

What is worth buying in Biedronka for keto and fit? Keto Shopping:

Delicatessen, Camembert de Caracter

Interesting cheese bought for sandwiches on impulse. It is worth eating a little on scrambled eggs or for dessert, for good quality protein and fat. It’s delicious!

Big Active, green tea with mango and quince

I love green tea, especially during IF intermittent fasting. With mango it is a bit sweet, perfect for dessert. They are very healthy, it is worth weaning from black tea and sweetened drinks for green and refreshing.

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Delicate, half-fat cottage cheese

A delicious and cheap dry curd cheese triangle, it’s perfect for keto lazy, pan-fried cheesecakes, and cheesecake. I usually buy fatty but little difference.

Światowid, Ustrzycka roulade – cheap protein cheese

Cheese with a surprisingly low amount of fat and more protein, good for fit people who can’t find light and active cheeses in stores :) Just like my sister. I also eat on keto because I love the smoked taste of scrambled eggs.

Our flavours, lard

There is probably no better, cheaper and healthier fat for frying for people on a diet than lard. The company is invalid, they cost PLN 2. Seriously: don’t be afraid of lard, fry the meat in a pan.

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