Duft & Doft, a set of Korean hand creams

Hey guys! It’s been a good few days since I picked up the package that contained this charming set of hand creams from the Korean brand  Duft & Doft. So I had some time to test and it’s high time to write something about them.  Unfortunately, I did not get to the ingredients of these cosmetics, the manufacturer […]

Nacomi, Cuticle care oil “Papaya pie”

Hey! Today I have another post for you with mini reviews of natural and organic cosmetics: Nacomi, Cuticle care oil. I have to admit that I bought Nacomi oil on a promotion in Hebe, tempted by its smell and beautiful bottle. And the composition, of course – they are actually the same precious oils with the addition […]

Homemade mask for dry hands – how to do?

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about a method that I have been successfully using for years with dry hands . Yes, it is about smearing them with a hair conditioner like we do with a cream. Any product is suitable for this, but it is best to use a thick and full-bodied one containing […]

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