Homemade diy mouthwashes with hydrogen peroxide

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Oxidized water is a three-percent aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide. It has mainly disinfectant and bactericidal effect, which is why we often use it to disinfect small morning and scratches.

It is also used in cosmetics: hydrogen peroxide in high concentration is used for lightening hair, hair removal and acne skin cleaning.

It has a brightening and whitening effect on the teeth, it is commonly used in the dental industry, for professional teeth whitening. Hence, ideas have come to live her home oral hygiene.

However, remember that like any home remedy, you must use it carefully: do not swallow (it is a poison) and do not overdo it in everyday use (it is a strong oxidant and can damage our tooth enamel).

Where to buy?

We can buy ordinary hydrogen peroxide at 3% in every stationary pharmacy, but most of us have it in our home medicine cabinet.

Mouthwashes with hydrogen peroxide

With the help of rinsing with hydrogen peroxide we can cope with common ailments that arise in the oral cavity – periodontal diseases and inflammatory conditions of the gums.

Such dilute hydrogen peroxide is also a cheap and effective method for bad breath. Thanks to its bactericidal properties, it suppresses the smell after ingesting onions or garlic, which are difficult to get rid of even by washing the teeth with a strong, mint paste.

Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide for bad breath


teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 3%
a glass of boiled water


Mix the ingredients in the glass immediately before use and rinse the teeth.

Such a mixture is also great for use after consumption of coloring beverages or food, for example, after red wine or coffee.

We can rinse the mouth even several times during the day, just remember not to swallow it!

Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide on healthy gums


2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide
half a glass of water


As above, mix and rinse immediately.

Hydrogen peroxide in this concentration has a stronger antibacterial effect and better cope with gum disease.

It also heals small wounds and apty.

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