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Homemade date and coconut truffles – how to make them?

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious no-bake cookies: fit home-made date-coconut truffles.

These are raw truffles that taste similar to the popular Raphael, they do not fatten and are healthy. It is very easy to give yourself such a sweet pleasure, not only on holidays. Although nicely wrapped, it would certainly be a great Christmas present for many gourmets. And no one at the Christmas Eve table would resist them either! I recommend instead of baking for the New Year, Christmas, birthdays, name days and other special occasions, as well as coffee every day. I often host them, because sometimes I use dates to sweeten them and I have a constant supply of them at home, as well as nuts, dried fruit and coconut, because I love everything with coconut. Check out my simple recipe!

Homemade truffles

Homemade date and coconut truffles – a quick recipe


  • A few fresh dates (if they are of lower quality or too dry, you need to soak them in a glass with hot water, but not boiling water. 
  • Peanut butter (no unnecessary additives, 100% nut butter or homemade blender butter) 
  • Cocoa or carob – I like a lot 
  • Coconut flakes, almonds and other additives 


Crush the dates with a fork on a plate, add enough butter to make the mass sticky and not too thin (for about 6 dates a teaspoon of butter). We add cocoa and the shavings mix everything. We stick the balls and coat them in shavings. It is good to put the balls in the freezer for a while or a little longer in the fridge, but you can also eat them right away 🙂 (Or not sticking at all, just take the mass out with a spoon :))

Homemade date and coconut truffles fit – how to make?


  • Half a cup of fresh dates 
  • ground nuts, e.g. walnuts 
  • cocoa or carob
  • coconut shavings, almonds, cocoa, crushed nuts or seeds – to coat the balls
  • instant oatmeal 
  • vanilla oil 


All you need to do is peel the nuts, grind them finely, grind them together with the dates and cocoa drained from the water, add the rest of the ingredients and mix with a spoon. Knead balls and coat in shavings or in nuts, cocoa (or have three types). Put in the refrigerator to concentration. 

Rafaello date and coconut truffles, my comments:

  • The basis of the recipe are dates plus something for texture, so this recipe can be modified according to what you have at home, e.g. dates + ground nuts. 
  • Once, for lack of butter, I added half a banana and they were even harder, tasty, but you could feel the banana aftertaste, which spoiled my concept a bit. 
  • You can also add oatmeal, coconut flour, chopped dried fruit, ground nuts, coconut butter to the right density.  
  • We coat the balls in chips, crushed almonds, cocoa, nuts or seeds, ground coconut sugar, etc., whatever you fancy. It’s best to divide the mass into two / several parts and make some tasty flavor variations 

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And in just a few minutes we have delicious, healthy sweets without cooking. And without remorse, because they are vitamins!

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