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Hair rinse with mineral water

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair care – a mineral water hair rinse.

It is definitely not a popular method of hair care, at least I haven’t come across it too often in the hair blogosphere. However, it made me very interested and I tried this method when a small bottle of sparkling water happened to be in my house. Someone from the name-day guests must have left it, because I drink tap water myself – in my city it is better to drink than spring water and according to the less waste philosophy I never buy water in plastic bottles. So I decided to make good use of this case. I have done the tests and if you are interested in what this treatment is about and how to perform it, please read the entry.

Mineral water rinse – what is it about?

So why do I want to rinse my freshly rinsed hair in… water? At first, I thought it was about providing the hair with minerals, which may be valuable on the one hand – it is known that our regular tap with hard water is not always the best for hair and body care. On the other hand, those who dye their hair with Henna or Cassia know that adding minerals is also not good for the hair. 

However, this rinse is about something else – mineralized water has a low pH level, which prevents frizz and brittleness. So if you have a problem with hairs sticking out along the length of your hair and being frizzy by moisture, a rinse like this can definitely help. Additionally, it closes the hair cuticles, thanks to which it softens, smoothes and gives shine.   

Mineral water hair rinse – how to do

I unscrewed the bottle to make it degass a little – I read that still and soft spring water is the best for this method, i.e. containing as little minerals as possible. After standing, I poured it into the bowl where I usually rinse my hair. Such a small bottle, i.e. 0.5 liters, or about two glasses, is enough to rinse every hair thoroughly. After washing my hair as usual and washing off the mask, I tilted my head over the bowl, dipped the ends of my hair into it and rinsed from head to bottom with the bowl. 

My effects: 

I admit that I didn’t really believe in this method, but I can see the difference in the condition of my hair. They are softer and more flexible, and they look slippery. 
This is an easy way to increase the effectiveness of hair care while washing your hair, and it’s definitely worth trying. It is convenient – you do not need to prepare potions, blends and teas, wait for them to cool down, massage them in and wait for them to work, rinse again … Just pour water from the bottle, which you can always keep in the bathroom – when you forget to make a rinse mixture , you can always reach for water. 

The only drawback is that we have to buy water in plastic bottles, which I would prefer to avoid. (A friend has access to a healing spring, so she bought canisters for refilling, which makes sense because it doesn’t waste plastic. It will be used again and again over the years) So I already have an idea for an alternative to water – Vichy Salt in tablets, which is said to have this same composition as the healing brine. I will test!

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I am quite satisfied with the results and will definitely come back to this method, but a mineral water hair rinse will not replace an apple cider vinegar rinse, which has an incomparably better effect on my hair.
I also warn against overusing this method and adding minerals – it is definitely worth trying, and if it works, include it in alternating various hair care.

Will you try this method? Or maybe you already have experience with her? 

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