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Top 3 cheap cosmetics gift sets: Celia, Marion, Nike

Hello, dear friends! It’s time for the first part of the gift guide, the Top 3 cheap cosmetics gift sets: Delia, Marion, Nike, where I will show you cosmetics as my ideas for the best gifts for women of all ages, for her and for him. These are sets for up to 20 zloty! Although you can get them even cheaper on Allegro and in small drugstores. They look really good for such a price and my family was happy with them.

Choosing a gift for a loved one is not always easy, and you won’t be able to just grab one of the ready-made gift sets from the store. However, if you want to buy something that is sure to work, I invite you to the rest of the post and my gift suggestions.

Top 3 tanie zestawy kosmetyków na prezent: Celia, Marion, Nike

CELIA DE LUXE GOLD 24K 70+ gift set, face cream 50 ml + hand cream 80 ml

Thanks to advanced formulas and natural ingredients, your skin will regain its youthful glow, and you will enjoy a healthy and radiant complexion for many years. This is a set that shows that beauty and confidence have no age.

The kit includes:

  • Luxury Gold 24k Anti-Aging Cream 70+

The 70+ cream is specially formulated to meet the skin needs of people over 70. It contains ingredients with anti-aging properties , which help reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and restore its natural radiance. Thanks to its special formula, the 70+ Cream provides the skin with essential moisture, protecting it from moisture loss and dryness.

  • Luxury Gold 24k Hand Cream 70+

The skin of the hands is one of the first places where signs of aging are visible. Celia Gold 70+ hand cream is the perfect solution to nurture and moisturize the hand skin. It also has an anti-aging effect, helping to reduce discoloration and prevent loss of skin elasticity on the hands. With this kit, you have the opportunity to take care of all your skin, not only on your face, but also on your hands. This comprehensive approach to skin care allows you toachieve the best results and keep your skin looking younger for longer.

My opinion:

The set looks really good for such a low price. It refers to the recently fashionable trends of everything with gold :) That is, in a luxurious way. Products from the Celia Gold 70+ set are not only effective care, but their elegant packaging makes using these products a pleasure. The packaging is beautiful, just wrapped in colorful paper. The jars inside a bit poor plastic, but my mother was still delighted.

Top 3 tanie zestawy kosmetyków na prezent: Celia, Marion, Nike

Marion, Christmas set Face cream and face wash mousse, Santa’s Workshop

The set included:

  • Honey smoothing face cream

Feel the exceptional smoothness on your face with the honey cream. Manuka honey extract regenerates the skin and has a smoothing effect, while lemon peel extract gently brightens and improves the appearance of the skin.

  • Cranberry moisturizing face wash mousse

Try a gentle face wash mousse that effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin. The moisturizing formula leaves the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch. Raspberry extract nurtures and nourishes the skin. Indulge in a bit of relaxation inspired by winter treats.

Top 3 tanie zestawy kosmetyków na prezent: Celia, Marion, Nike

Marion Cheap cosmetics sets, my opinion:

A very interesting Marion set for women of all ages, although rather younger. I’ll admit that I bought it first for myself, and then it went to my sister. The honey cream sounds pleasant, smells lightly of honey and gives softness to the skin, the gel smells of sweet cranberry- it washes gently, is creamy. the only minus – in the box there is no glass and cosmetics can sometimes fly out, but I wrapped a nice paper and it was ok. The cosmetics have good compositions, and the packaging itself is just lovely, wintry and atmospheric. Under 18 PLN! This price can’t be beat.

Nike The Perfume Man, cosmetic set for men DNS 75 ml + SPRAY 200ml

Nike the perfume cheap gift set for men.

  • Head note: green notes, basil, lavender.
  • Heart Note: tobacco, honey.
  • Base note: sandalwood, cypress, musk, sage.

Cheap Nike sets, my opinion:

And now something for the guys. I chose the set that I liked the most when sniffing it in the drugstore. A cool, delicate masculine fragrance, perfect for everyday use, that is, a dream for my brother, who neither knows about perfume, nor feels like thinking about it. He’ll spray on something, even deo, and go out to work, use up one bottle and buy the same thing. This fragrance is really good, as far as Nike is concerned, it resembles much more expensive, well-balanced perfumes. The set for £20 in promotion, practically in all drugstores, so I recommend.

Top 3 tanie zestawy kosmetyków na prezent: Celia, Marion, Nike

To sum up the top 3 cheap sets:

I hope you find my suggestions for the best gifts useful. I’m sure that each of us would like to get such gifts- practical, luxurious and very useful- great for supplementing daily care. I recommend you to look around for it in your next shopping trip, and of course, what I repeat so often- good gifts don’t have to be expensive at all, and it’s not always worth overpaying.

Do you already have your gifts bought? Ania

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