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Sessio Wellbeing, shampoo, mask and milk for brittle hair

Hello, dear friends! I come to you today with more hair care news, this time it’s Sessio Wellbeing, a shampoo, mask and lotion for brittle hair. The new Sessio series are great, moisturizing products for dry, brittle and damaged hair, but also for delicate and sensitive hair.

They have a very light formula – they will certainly not weigh down our hair! If I have made you curious about these cosmetics, I invite you to the rest of my post.

Sessio Wellbeing, szampon, maska i mleczko do włosów łamliwych


  • Cleanses hair and scalp with mild plant-based cleansers.
  • its strength is Schizandra – a strengthening and toning adaptogen.
  • in moisturizing functions it is supported by aloe vera – one of the best humectants, which attracts and retains moisture inside the hair.

Directions:Rub a small portion of the shampoo in your hands and apply to wet hair and skin, massage until foam forms, then rinse.

Price:PLN 19.99 for 300 ml


  • Deeply moisturizes hair protecting it from brittleness and fragility.
  • thanks to the high content of aloe vera it attracts and retains moisture, giving dry hair new life – vitality and shine.
  • the regeneration process is supported by Schizandra or Chinese citronella – an adaptogen that protects against harmful oxidative stress.

Directions: Spread a small portion of the mask on washed damp hair, early, leave for a few minutes, then rinse.

Price:PLN 24.99 for 300 ml

Sessio Wellbeing, szampon, maska i mleczko do włosów łamliwych


  • Protects dry ends from damage and rubbing.
  • it is a very light product for the final care.
  • it does not need to be rinsed out, and while remaining on the hair it moisturizes and protects it from adverse environmental influences.

How to use: spread a small amount of lotion in the palms of your hands and lightly knead into the hair from mid-length. If necessary, it can be repeated throughout the day. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Does not require rinsing

Price:PLN 19.99 for 100 ml

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First impressions:


The entire SESSIO Wellbeing series has very clever packaging with colorful, aesthetically pleasing prints. The plastic is sturdy, and the pump and plugs haven’t jammed for me yet. The mask-fluid could be in a bottle with a pump, it would make it much easier to apply, although the plastic is soft anyway and it’s not difficult to extract portions of the product on your hand.


Let me start by saying that I didn’t have high expectations for these products. I needed a light, moisturizing care for quick and frequent washing of my hair in winter, which gets oily from hats. And this is where the SESSIO series actually worked very well for me. In addition, it has a wonderful fragrance!

The product I used most often was the milk, it found its way into my makeup bag right away during a trip to the holidays. At first I used it as recommended, as a b/s conditioner after washing my hair. The milk was good in this role, the hair was light, soft, smooth and fragrant, but I could also feel it smoothing and protecting the ends. I also used it under oiling the lengths and as a moisturizing protectant, for daily hair care. I didn’t notice any overload, rather I felt like my hair was absorbing it. So I’d recommend it as a lightweight product for those with damaged hair that needs moisturizing, as well as with the problem of breakage at the ends, which are quickly re-growing and need to be trimmed.

Sessio Wellbeing, szampon, maska i mleczko do włosów łamliwych

Fluid-mask is a product with the addition of glycerin. It smooths, moisturizes, shines and protects against damage. It works well under oiling and as the first OO in OMO. In addition, we can use it as a hair conditioner during a quick wash, to emulsify oil or just – as a cleansing conditioner that is what wash to the scalp.

The conditioner is compatible with the Curly Girl method.Applied to the length of the hair smooths it, but does not weigh down the strands, so you need to use a double masking and add something stronger to the ends.

Gentle, moisturizing shampoo.

The product is based on mild cleansing substances, so it is as suitable as possible for daily washing of the scalp. The shampoo is very efficient and lathers well, copes quite well with washing away oils. We can use it to wash both hair and face, and even the whole body. I don’t hesitate to use it already in the shower, because it doesn’t dry out my skin. Also great for curly hair and after chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring hair.

Summary Sessio Wellbeing, shampoo, mask and milk for brittle hair

I highly recommend these products for winter, especially for those with dry and brittle hair problems. They are versatile and inexpensive, and they smell beautiful. After such a wash, my hair was nourished, loose and soft. My favorite remains the milk, because I really missed on the Polish market such a product without silicones, which you can run through your hair at any time and improve its hydration.

Sessio products are available in many stores, including: in Hebe drugstores, in Natura drugstores, in many online drugstores and in the manufacturer’s store: Chantal.

This post was written in collaboration (barter) with the brand.

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