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Rinses : how to make hair grow faster?

Hi! Among the few methods that I used to accelerate hair growth, the most effective was the rinses and lotions. Anyone who has struggled with increased hair loss or wanted to grow it quickly certainly knows this method of scalp care.

In today’s post, I’ll tell you why lotions are so helpful and how and when to use them. I’ll also show you a few of my favorites that helped me a lot in growing my hair. Soon there will be a post about them, so keep your finger on the pulse 🙂 Are you curious about the operation of the rubbers? Feel free to read the article!

What are hair rinses?

Rubs are tonics, lotions, ampoules or scalp care lotions rinses. They are usually based on an aqueous or alcohol-based solution with herbal and plant extracts and other additives that are designed to penetrate the scalp and stimulate or strengthen the hair roots.

This is why lotions that help reduce hair loss also help to grow faster and vice versa. Some rubs are simple extracts from one herb, others have a rich composition of many nourishing ingredients. As a rule, the most concentrated hair treatment are lotions – ampoules.

My favorite hair lotions

When is it worth using rinses?

Usually we reach for lotions when we already have a serious problem with hair loss or we want to grow it quickly. However, for me, they are an important step in the daily care of the scalp. They maintain hydration and stimulate the work of the hair follicles.

I usually use lotions after each washing my hair. People who have a dry scalp or struggle with dandruff should also take them into account. After all, a dry scalp, most often than using a shampoo with a strong detergent, is much more susceptible to yeast attack. It is also worth thinking about rubbing if you have a problem with oily scalp. Many herbal rubs are effective in reducing this problem, especially when it comes to scalp greasy in winter, from wearing a hat.

Gentlemen should also consider this. Androgenetic alopecia is a complex problem that is difficult to treat, but I’ve read that well-nourished hair follicles can delay this process by at least a year. It’s probably worth a bit of a struggle to enjoy your lush hairstyle longer? 🙂

How do hair massages work?

  1. nourish the scalp – stimulated hair follicles produce stronger and stronger hair,
  2. they also cause the appearance of new hairs, the so-called baby hair that thickens the hair over time,
  3. regulate sebum production – by moisturizing the scalp you can reduce greasy hair,
  4. significantly accelerate hair growth – active ingredients oxygenate and stimulate hair follicles to work,
  5. reduce excessive hair loss,
  6. moisturize the scalp every day – by keeping it in good condition, we enjoy healthy hair and prevent many ailments: dandruff, mycosis, pimples, etc.,
  7. some lotions rinses additionally reflect the hair at the roots or prolong its freshness.
Jantar mist and hair lotion

How long should you use a hair growth rinses?

I use each lotion for at least three weeks and a maximum of a month. Then I take a week off. It’s worth watching and measuring your hair. If you are satisfied with the results, you can repeat the same treatment. However, I prefer to use various rubs alternately to provide the hair bulbs with a variety of nutrients. This method worked best for me.

How do you apply rinses?

As the name suggests: we rub them into the scalp. Some rubs have handy packages with an applicator or spout, thanks to which we can easily spread the liquid along each part. If you use glass ampoules, be careful not to cut yourself open. The easiest way to do this is by holding the container in a towel and gently snapping off the top of the ampoule. Do not slide the glass edge over the skin!

You can break all the ampoules at once and pour the liquid into another container. Or pour each one into a container and draw the liquid into the syringe. This is a great method of applying a scalp injection. Thanks to a small syringe, we can easily reach the bulbs. The graduation will also make it easier for us to measure the amount of wcierki. Apply the fluid close to the scalp, not through the hair. For one time, it is enough to rub in 5 ml of the liquid.

Don’t forget to massage your head!

This is a very important element of applying a lotion rinses. I can assure you that it increases the effectiveness of its operation by several dozen percent. Thanks to it, the skin warms up, the hair roots are better stimulated, and the active substances contained in the ruby ​​reach them more easily.

How to do a massage? The easiest way is with your fingertips, making gentle, circular movements with your extended hand. Just like washing your hair, only without rubbing. It is best to do it in the head down position, thanks to which we reach the skin directly. Don’t rub your hair against your hair, because you can break it, and the bulbs won’t benefit from it anyway.

If you are doing a straight massage, try sticking your stretched fingers through your hair. Move, massaging from the temples to the back of the head. The technique is not difficult and will easily become a habit, try it! We perform the massage for a maximum of a few minutes until the skin is slightly warmed up.

Massage equipment

Olivia Garden brush, Tangle Teezer, syringe, massagers

Another method, certainly a bit less tiring for your hands is massage with the use of devices. It can be a popular head scratcher for a few zlotys from Alliexpress or a special scalp massager with silicone teeth.

You can also invest in a great automatic battery-operated massage device, which additionally warms the skin. A popular, cheap method is also a Tangle Teezer head massage or simply with the teeth of a wooden brush for combing your hair, which you surely already have at home.

How often to apply rinses?

It depends only on you. However, irregular care will never bring satisfactory results. The same is true of changing cosmetics too often, testing still different ones. There is also no point in rubbing the same liquid several times a day – it will not bring results faster, but we will lose the product and money.

It is best to apply rinses and rubs in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. When the packaging says that we use the cosmetic after washing, it is best to apply it to a clean scalp. If there are no instructions, it can be used daily. In the morning, at night, after or before shampooing your hair.

I like to use a lighter, self-made lotion in the morning and a different, stronger one at night. And yet another after washing your hair, currently Banfi. (I often don’t use night lotion then, because this one is enough for me). Most girls, however, use lotions once a day, every day, changing the product every three weeks.

Which hair lotions should you choose?

Wcierka Banfi, Seboravit, home made

It also depends only on you. Of course, it is best to start with these cheap and easily available products in drug stores. You can test and check whether this method will work for you and whether it will be used regularly.

If you want to increase your centimeters as fast as possible, it is best to follow the reviews of the most popular hair massages that have already proven themselves with many people, such as Jantar, Banfi, Placenta. Ampoules can also have a stronger effect than the same lotion. Also, a lotion with a long, rich composition will work better than a tonic based on an extract of one herb.

Wcierki can also be made at home, there are many DIY recipes. They are often based on herbs, ready-made pharmacy products or cosmetic semi-finished products, e.g. stomach drops or fenugreek rubbing, which costs pennies and can work wonders in hair growth! 🙂

Fenugreek lotion

See: Fenugreek lotion for hair loss and rapid hair growth

Alcohol in the composition of teats

If you have problems with scalp irritation, it is better to be careful about the alcohol contained in the lotions. It is needed for the better penetration of the active ingredients and also for the preservation of natural products. However, many people may react with redness, itching, or even dandruff.

You can test the action of the lotions first on a small part of the scalp. In case of a disturbing reaction, it is better to choose non-alcoholic lotions, we also have a huge selection of them. However, there is no rule as to the composition. One alcohol wash can irritate, and the other will be great for us. Also, the one used after washing your hair will be less irritating because the alcohol will evaporate faster from wet skin. However, it is worth remembering about this possibility of undesirable reactions and carefully reading the ingredients in the packet.

Also pay attention to the strong smell of, for example, horseradish Banfa – some people cannot stand it, others do not mind. Some rubs also make the hair oily or stick together on the scalp. If that happens, we don’t have to throw it away right away. You can always apply it just before washing your hair or at night, when you wash your head in the morning.

What about irritation?

For me, aloe gel worked great for a slight burning sensation of the skin. I smeared the place with chilled gel from the fridge. On the other hand, the linseed gel helped with persistent itching. Instant relief.

I hope you will also find this trick useful, because the head itching is not pleasant. And you can hurt your skin with your nails 🙁
Don’t scratch! 

And let me know if you use lotions and which ones have worked best for you. I am very curious about the results!

Yours sincerely,

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