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Project pan 20 in 2020 | hair empties update

Hello! Today it’s time for the new Project pan update, the cosmetic i used up of the last weeks. This time, my update will be about hair care products, or rather it’s an update to the post where I started the pan project 20 in 2020.

Over the next few months, I will only use these things, interweaving, of course, clean emollients to maintain the PEH balance and, if possible, also test new products for reviews. In some time a post summarizing the action will appear, I hope that I will be able to use these 20 products by the end of the year and that nothing will be wasted in my care and the bottom design will be successful. The products include conditioners, masks, oils and intermediates. I hope you will find such posts interesting. I plan to write about various cosmetic consumables soon, much more often, we’ll see if I can do it. If you are interested in how much hair care cosmetics I managed to use from the beginning of the project pan, I invite you to the rest of my short post.

Hair project pan | hair care cosmetics

My blog is very hair maniac and I am constantly testing new products, so there are always many open on my bathroom shelf. I do not always manage to use them quickly, because I have a lot of them, and although I have long hair and I do good hairstyles, I have the impression that sometimes it is difficult for me to finish any conditioner. Apart from, of course, the ones for washing hair jednak I noticed, however, that some of my older products will soon exceed the expiry date, they have been open for too long. It’s definitely time to start a new bottom design: what cosmetics are in it?

Hair oils:

During this month and during the daily hair oiling treatment, I managed to use a few bottles of oils and conditioners, a lot of intermediates and aloe vera gel. I also used in rotation all the other cosmetics that I usually wash my hair with.

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Hair end oiling

DIY oils for hair growth – herbal oil with onion, garlic and henna

Recently, I managed to use a little DIY oil of herbs, garlic and onions, the recipe for which will appear here soon on the blog, and a little oil with henna and amla extracts. I decided to finish off my huge reserves of all kinds of oils. I rub into the scalp every day as part of the same project.

Argan oil and prickly pear oil, oils from Morocco

I brought both of these oils from a market in Morocco a long time ago, they are of great quality and are perfect for solo hair oiling, mixing in DIY recipes, and for face and body skin care. I have a stock of them and the expiration date is long past, so it’s time to finish. I have been using them every day in my hair oiling project for a month. I used up the argan oil, prickly pear oil, and the rest of the evening primrose oil. I think it is a very good result for monthly hair oiling!

Oil primers:

Hair end oiling

DIY aloe-banana moisturizing hair serum, b / s and oil primer – 3 in 1.

A very successful experiment based on aloe vera gel, modeled on Garnier aloe vera, which could not be found in stores. It worked great for me in every role, but preferably as an oil primer. It was finished in the project and there was no problem with it, because the serum is rare and inefficient, it only lasted two uses.

KTC, Kewra Water, Kewra Water.

A brilliant and universal product with an interesting scent. I use it both on the face and on the body, but in the project I finished it as a foundation for hair oiling. Of course, only because I’m running out of oil, and with this amount of oils, I need a particularly good moisturizing effect. She came down very quickly.

I also used aloe gel and Alverde conditioner, which was already very little, and two capsules of lecithin, which, however, went to me as additives for tuning masks.

Project pan, masks and conditioners:

Hair end oiling

Many of my hair products from the bottom design now have much more wear, which makes me very happy! However, I completely managed to use only four products: Balea mango conditioner, for washing and emulsifying, Vis Plantis fenugreek mask for the same purposes, Ziaja goat milk conditioner as protein, and Ziaja mask intense color, emollient mask with silicones, which I often used on length and closure of care. Here, too, I think it is a very good result, especially since I went through all currently open hair cosmetics during the whole month.

Balea, Balea Mango Dry Hair Conditioner.

I bought it out of curiosity during my holidays in Prague, at Drugstore DM. It cost 2 zlotys on sale and is perfect for washing the skin and hair. Sometimes I used it for emulsifying, but isopropyl alcohol, high in the composition, dries my hair a bit. There was no problem with the consumption of this product, because I used a lot of it to wash. An insane smell!

Vis Plantis, mask for weakened hair with a tendency to falling out, fenugreek, black turnip and field horsetail

A brilliant mask for the scalp, hair washing and emulsifying oils. It works on hair loss and growth. I adore and will buy again. It was included in the project only because I am almost running out of time and I must have put dirty fingers in the packaging too often. I had 1/5 of the package left, which I used up very quickly.

Ziaja, Intensive Hair Care, Hair Mask “Intensive Color”.

Purely emollient mask, which I bought in the same package, for pennies only to weight down the hair and protect the ends. It worked well, but it is unusually smooth and slippery, which makes it efficient. Due to the expiry date ending, I have now also used it as a full-length mask. I tormented it for a long time, but in the end somehow it was used up.

Ziaja goat’s milk hair conditioner conditioning goat’s milk with keratin.

Just like the previous Ziaja conditioner, it was bought at the same time and it worked just as well for me. Too thin for a mask, little effect, little weight, chemical smell. It went down quickly – both for washing my hair, for the OMO method and for DIY blends for hair masks. After all, I will not buy more.

Hair project pan- summary

In this way, we have finished updating the danko project. It turns out that in the last few months I have used only 14 cosmetics out of 20 planned . Is it a lot or a little? Just right I think. However, I could certainly use more of them by the end of the year. This is how it is presented and I hope that among all these products you have found some that you are interested in in some way. Be sure to let us know if you know them and how they worked for you. And if you like this bottom design, check out the next part. In about a month I will prepare the final to use and in January I will prepare a post summarizing the entire action. I hope that I will be able to use these 20 products by the end of the year and nothing will be wasted in my care. Keep fingers crossed!

Do you like to read about cosmetics in the bottom project? Asia

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