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Homemade DIY face mask – how to do?

hello! I come to you today with another post about DIY cosmetics, this time it will be a homemade face mask, with the addition of honey, soy and fenugreek.

Such a mask is very cheap and easy to do, just mix all the ingredients and we can apply on a face moistened with hydrolate. The mask will perfectly nourish, moisturize and strengthen our skin, it is also great for after-sun care.
The idea for this honey mask came to my mind by accident when washing my hair. I had to take a new portion of Kozieradka for the night because the previous one had been in the fridge for too long. I am also trying to use the remains of soy flour, which mix is ​​average for my hair. From these residual combinations, a recipe for a brilliant mask has just been created, which moisturizes, soothes my skin and irritates the winter, as well as heals imperfections. The mask worked perfectly! However, I am giving you a general recipe on how to create and make your own homemade face mask – from what we have at home. I invite you to enter.

Homemade face mask – how to do?

My face mask always consists of four basic ingredients, which, however, we can freely exchange, depending on what our skin needs, what it does not tolerate and what we have at home.

Base:  ready mix of soy flour, ground oat flakes or bran, clays, white or yellow and milled herbs mixture in a grinder – I keep it in a handy box and then just mix with wet additives in the bend of the hand or on a plate.

Liquid: today I used the remains of fenugreek leaves, why throw them away, since they have not broken? It can be any herbal infusion, green tea, face tonic, rose water or water alone. 

Humidifier:  I used honey because it lay open 🙂 Aloe gel, linseed oil, hyaluronic or mud gel, light serum you want to use, etc. 

Foundation: any light oil that doesn’t clog your pores, e.g. linseed, olive oil, grape etc. Here I used Nacomi Nail Oil because it has a brilliant composition (the oil mixture itself) and sometimes I use it on my face, which is brilliant smells like fruit cake, so maybe she’ll kill the broth Fenugreek. 

Homemade face mask – preparation:

We pour about a teaspoon of the dry mixture into the container and add enough wet ingredients so that it is not too thin, mix until the paste is thick.
We apply on the skin moistened with mist, rubbing – making gentle, massaging movements. We cover the entire face and leave for about five minutes, making sure that the paste does not dry. Moisten with a hydrolate if necessary. Wash with water, gently massaging again. We apply the serum.

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Face mask with clay, honey and fenugreek :

My mask looks like charming yellow-green snot (thanks to the content of herbs) and when I applied it during hair styling, I looked like a purebred Shrek 🙂 The effect was worth it, because the skin is nicely cleansed and moisturized, actually after such treatment I don’t need cream anymore. 

I recommend intensively nourishing masks, especially for people who rarely face, e.g. once a week. We save time by immediately peeling the mask, we use the remains of products and we are sure that the skin has received all the ingredients it needs. 

Do you like to use such homemade clay masks? 

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