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Hair creaming: haw to and what cosmetics to choose?

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Hey, dear friends. Today there will be a new post about hair care, namely hair creaming: what is this method of oiling hair and what cosmetics are suitable for it? Hair creaming is an old method of hair bloggers, which used to be a hit of hair care. When there were no good quality cosmetics in the stores, hand creams and body butters came to our aid. Hair creaming and oiling are two different methods of hair care, although both are aimed at improving the condition of hair. We do both before washing our hair, as a pre poo treatment. I invite you to read my short post.

Hair creaming: what is it and what does it involve?

Hair creaming is an old method of hair bloggers, which used to be a hit of hair care. When there were no good quality cosmetics in the stores, hand creams and body butters came to our aid. Creaming hair with hand cream before washing is a rather unusual practice, since hand creams are usually formulated for the skin of the hands, not the hair. However, some people experiment with different products to customize their hair care.

This method involves using special hair creams or masks to moisturize, nourish and make combing easier. The hair cream procedure involves applying the product to damp or dry hair, leaving it on for a specified period of time, then rinsing with water and washing the hair. It’s no different than a mask before washing or reverse washing, or and oiling on top of a conditioner base. This method has many advantages: it’s quick, convenient and easy, much cheaper than good hair oils, and easy to wash off. In addition, some hair simply likes creaming and pre poo better than dry oiling. In my case, for example, there were stunning results with a hand cream from Ladybug for £2, while Khadi oil for £80 oozed and dried out my ends.

Why do we use hand creams and body butters for hair?

  • Hair creams often contain substances such as keratin, proteins, vitamins, vegetable oils and other ingredients to improve the condition of hair.
  • Creams are rich in butters and oils, and sometimes contain moisturizers, but you can also find completely emollient ones. These oils provide hair with nutrients, moisturize, strengthen and prevent split ends.
  • Creams are inexpensive, convenient and easy to wash out of the hair with just a shampoo.
  • Regular use of hair creams can improve hair elasticity, reduce hair breakage, and give hair a healthy look and shine.

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Hair creams: which cosmetics to choose?

Strongly nourishing hand creams with shea butter and oils are best. Body cosmetics – thick butters and lotions – will also work well here. For creaming we can also use classic hair masks, even moisturizing ones, possibly enriched with oils.

Hits for hair creaming are well-known and inexpensive cosmetics:

  • Isana, cocoa and olive body butters
  • Ziaja, cocoa body butter
  • Bielenda, body lotion with shea butter
  • rich hand creams from Biedronka
  • Anida, beeswax cream
  • Isana, olive, urea, almond hand creams
  • Rich, nourishing face creams
  • a specially created cosmetic for this, namely Anwen Krementynka

Hair creaming: how to perform?

Creaming is applied to wet or dry hair. It involves applying hand cream to the hair before washing and leave it on the hair for a short time, such as an hour. The product is then rinsed thoroughly with warm water and we perform the usual shampooing and further care.

Alternatives: If you want to experiment with moisturizing your hair before washing, you can consider using special hair oils or even moisturizing masks with oils. Vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil or jojoba oil, are often chosen for their nourishing properties.

Are you familiar with this oiling method? Asia

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