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Hair Biotic ampoules and shampoo against hair loss

Hey loved ones! I have prepared another post for you about hair cosmetics – Chantal Hair Biotic against hair loss.

This company has been known by Polish hair maniacs for years, because many of their cosmetics work well in the treatment of hair problems. They also have natural ingredients and affordable prices. Therefore, my today’s set could not miss the shampoo for falling out and thinning hair and concentrated ampoules for hair loss Chantal Hair Biotic . Unfortunately, hair loss affects me more and more painfully, especially since I changed my diet. All the more I am happy to be able to test these products. I took them with me on my last holiday trip and I’m in a hurry to review the products after a month of everyday use. So if you are interested in how these cosmetics worked for me, I invite you to the next part of the post.

Hair Biotic, ampoules and shampoo for hair loss

Chantal, Hair Biotic, Ampoule hair strengthening serum

Intensive nutritional complex.
Preparation for intensive treatment of colored and damaged hair. Strongly nourishes and regenerates the hair structure from the inside, increasing its resistance to damage. Thanks to the content of the innovative polymer that protects the color Luviquat UltraCare, the hair delights with its intense color for a long time. A unique composition combining a complex of vitamins E, B5, PP as well as aloe and grape extracts protects the color from the negative effects of free radicals.

Contains keravis, provit SD, polyplant 7 herbs. Designed for women and men.

Capacity: 8x10ml

Price: PLN 30.36

Hair Biotic, ampoules and shampoo for hair loss

Chantal, Hair Biotic, hair strengthening shampoo

Designed for men and women. Thanks to the combination of innovative active ingredients, it effectively inhibits hair loss and effectively affects their growth. The Procapil present in the preparation has a beneficial effect on anchoring the hair in the dermal papilla, making it more resistant to falling out. Tricorexina stimulates the renewal of hair cells and stimulates the production of keratin, accelerating hair growth and significantly reducing hair loss.

Contains keravis, provit SD, polyplant 7 herbs. Created for thin, damaged and brittle hair. Nourishes, regenerates, cleanses, strengthens and prevents hair breakage.

Capacity: 250 ml

Price: PLN 35.00


Hair falling out and thinning. Hair and scalp care in the case of androgenetic alopecia.


Apply to wet hair, spread, massage into scalp and hair. Leave for approx. 2-3 minutes, rinse. For everyday use.

Hair Biotic, ampoules and shampoo for hair loss

First impressions:

I really like a lot of hair cosmetics from this brand, so I am happy to test their new products and products that I have wanted to try for a long time.

I started using the shampoo not long ago, but I have to admit that it is pleasant to use – it lathers well, is very efficient, especially after foaming and washes everything from the scalp. Unfortunately, it is a shampoo with SLS, quite strong, but softened by active and moisturizing ingredients. I haven’t noticed any dry scalp or any other problems after using it.

I was also very happy with the opportunity to test the  ampoules, which  also worked well for my hair loss, which has recently affected me more and more painfully.

The manufacturer recommends using the preparation on a clean scalp – that is, after washing your hair. Then do a few minutes of massage. It is recommended to use a minimum of 3 ampoules a week, so a package consisting of 8 ampoules is enough for 2-3 weeks of treatment, but if you use a syringe for rubbing, like me, you can extend the use, because we use only 5 ml of liquid at one time. This is quite enough to cover the entire scalp!

The full treatment lasts 8 weeks, but I have the impression that I can already see the first results – the hair is smoother, there is less of it left when combing on the comb and it doesn’t fall out like that when washing, and it’s only been the first month of treatment. I hope that it will turn out that it is worth investing in such a product, because its composition is very promising.

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I have to admit that my hair is falling out less and less. Not so long ago, after running my hand through curls, I had a lot of individual hairs between my fingers and it was an extremely stressful sight. Now they fall out mostly after washing. I think that comprehensive and conscious care has worked here. And of course, weaning off all dubious products, and focusing on those that are specifically designed to further reduce hair loss and strengthen bulbs.
Chantal cosmetics are worth including in your medicine cabinet  for the problem of hair loss. From the whole series of these products, the shampoo and ampoules interested me the most, but surely everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

Availability: chantal manufacturer’s store. The post was created as part of (barter) cooperation with the brand.

Be sure to let me know if you have come across Hair Biotic cosmetics by Chantal? How do you like my hair news ?

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