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Ecolore | Mineral bronzer in Balos shade

Hey guys! Today it’s time to review another mineral cosmetic from Ecolore: Balos bronzer. 

It is my definite favorite among mineral face contouring products. I even use it for gentle day makeup, even though it is quite a dark shade. And I don’t have a particularly tanned or dark complexion. Despite this, I think it works perfectly for me. Not for warming, but for deepening the shadow on the cheek, which makes the face immediately take on color, appear slimmer and more expressive. An indispensable product in my make-up bag. Are you curious how it worked for me? Feel free to review.

mineral cosmetics

Ecolore, Balos mineral bronzer no.285

Manufacturer’s description:

Medium-dark, dull matte brown. Perfect for contouring.

Ecoloré mineral bronzers give a beautiful look to sun-kissed skin. Model the contours of the face with them or sweep the entire face for a natural tan effect. They are perfect for use on foundation, powder, with a moisturizing cream or solo.


  • Beautiful, healthy, sun-kissed look of your skin all year round.
  • It is light and very finely ground, which guarantees exceptional durability of the make-up.
  • High quality and simple composition minimize the risk of allergies.
  • Dermatologically tested, odorless, oil-free.
  • It does not contain preservatives, silicones, nanoparticles, parabens, synthetic fragrances, talc, bismuth oxychloride and harmful chemical additives.
  • Vegan cosmetic.


INCI: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499

Capacity: 4g

Price: PLN 36.99

ecolore minerals

My opinion:


All Ecolore products are packed in thick plastic jars with a white cap. Each type of cosmetic differs in the color of the logo, and in the case of bronzers it is pink. The neat, aesthetic packaging immediately attracts attention on my dressing table. The capacity of the cosmetic is not standard, rather small – only 4 grams of the product – but in the end we are dealing with a mineral powder that is highly pigmented and extremely efficient. So maybe I’ll turn a blind eye to it, but I’m curious when I start to notice its loss. The box has a good-quality strainer, so you can dose the right amount of product without fear of spilling. Ecolore bronzer is additionally secured with a sticker. Lid large enough for brushing and scooping.

Ecolore mineral Bronzer


Bronzer Ecolore in the Balos shade is, as described above, a medium-dark matt brown with a cool shade. I have very fair skin with yellow undertones, but still the darkest shade of bronzer works for her. It is by far the best contouring bronzer among mineral cosmetics that I have tested.

The color in the jar can be confusing. It is not the color of milk chocolate that we usually buy for contouring in a pressed form. It feels much darker like cocoa or dark chocolate, and you may fear its use. But even when rubbing, it gives a great gray-brown color, perfect for emphasizing the cheeks. It is a neutral color, neither too cold and gray, nor does it fall into any warm or orange tones. I didn’t notice that it oxidized or turned gray my face.

Sometimes contouring bronzers are too earthy for me and after applying makeup to my cheeks, my face looks almost unhealthy. We do not have such a problem here, although the Ecolore bronzer has visible gray tones, they only give the right shade of shadow under the cheekbone.

Ecolore Bronzer


The most important thing when applying loose bronzers is moderation and the right technique. The Ecolore Bronzer is highly pigmented, so we must be careful not to apply too much at once. We do not paint one stripe and rub it later, but we make gentle strokes with a brush that has been shaken off the excess powder. Of course, you can grade this effect by adding additional layers of bronzer, or by rubbing them until the best effect is achieved. However, with just one thin layer, it gives the expected shadow effect under the cheekbone.

Ecolore Bronzer

I use it sparingly on a daily basis. I perform the above-mentioned quick brush strokes in the crease of the cheek. If necessary, I add another or more layers. Bronzer Ecolore is easy to build, does not create stains. It is perfectly spread on a foundation from the same company. Thanks to this, you can build a deep, beautifully contoured shadow on the cheek and sides of the forehead. For me, this is perfect contouring. It is also very durable, it does not rub off during the day. The bronzer can be brightened with powder or the rest of the foundation on the brush after painting the face.

This color can also be successfully used as an eye shadow, on the outer eyelid or to highlight the lower eyelid. Some people may like this color as an eyebrow shadow, if you have a similar shade of hair, it is definitely worth trying.

Ecolore Bronzer


Ecolore has extremely tempting shades of bronzers. I recommend them especially to beginners, because they are difficult to stain or overdo with quantity. They are very durable, they do not oxidize, smudge or turn orange. The Balos shade is the best for my face contouring, but I am tempted by a few other Ecolore bronzers to try out. I definitely recommend it.

All shades of Ecolore mineral eyeshadows can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

ecolore shadows, Ecolore |  Chocoholic and Italian Olive mineral eyeshadows, How naturally

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What do you think about it? Or maybe other shades of bronzers caught your eye? Let me know in the comment!

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