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Bath salt, simple DIY homemade recipe

Hey guys! Today I have another DIY recipe for you: homemade bath salt, a simple bath cosmetic with many additives. Thus, I come back to the long promised series of posts about natural care, DIY and no waste. 

Homemade salt for a relaxing bath sounds very nice. It is a method for home cosmetics that I have known for many years. It used to be very popular in the beauty blogosphere, and I remember that it appeared everywhere. And no wonder, because making such homemade bath salt is fabulously simple, fast and extremely cheap. Therefore, I encourage you to have fun and prepare  homemade bath saltwhich is a better choice than store cosmetics, often with poor and harmful ingredients. It is worth improving your mood sometimes and making a cosmetic for yourself that smells wonderful, looks beautiful on the bathroom shelf and cares for our skin, after all, it contains valuable nutrients. In addition, making cosmetics is great fun, also for children bored with quarantine or isolation. It will also be a brilliant gift, especially in a decorative bottle with its own DIY label!
You can prepare such salt in many ways. Here is my recipe for DIY base bath salt, which you can freely modify in terms of colors and fragrances. Feel free to check out my recipe!

DIY homemade bath salt, simple recipe

DIY homemade bath salt


  • coarse sea salt, 500 grams pack
  • selected oil – coconut, almond, sunflower or their mix – a few spoons
  • unscented liquid soap or of the selected variant – a few spoons
  • food coloring, essential or cooking oil, dried herbs, flowers, extracts, etc.
  • decorative glass jar, bowl


Time required:  15 min ..

DIY homemade bath salt

  1. Preparation.Wash the jar and steam it. We measure out the ingredients. We choose a color and fragrance variant.
  2. Mixing.In a tall bowl, mix salt additives, i.e. a pouring mass of soap and oil. We mix. We add a drop of dye to the mix and about 20 drops of fragrance oils. We mix it with the rest of the additives, e.g. herbs and flower petals.
  3. Pouring.Then slowly pour salt into this oil-soapy mixture with selected additives.
    Everything should be thoroughly mixed so that it blends well, e.g. with a tall spoon or a stick.
  4. Drying.Then we pour the salt onto paper towels and let it dry for a few hours, preferably in a warm place. Finally, pour the ready-made salt into the jar.

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Notes: DIY homemade recipe

In the recipe, we can use any salt, e.g. from the Dead Sea, Himalayan, Wieliczka, Kłodawa or even ordinary one, if we have no other options.

The basis of preparation is a mixture of salt, oil and soap. We can also add any herbs and flowers – lavender, rose petals, calendula petals, chamomile petals, etc. Instead of herbs, you can add dried orange peel, then we do not give fragrance oils.

With the help of food dyes, it can be tinted any color, but remember to add only a drop as it is a very intense color.

And remember:
It is enough to add about one handful of such salt to our bath. Unfortunately, it may dry out the skin a bit.

Are you curious? Have you heard about such a DIY?

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