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My name is Asia. For many years I am a vegetarian, hair-stylist and a fan of natural cosmetics. Two years ago I also switched to organic makeup cosmetics. I cleaned my toilet bag from all harmful toxins, and the house from excess unnecessary items. I love bristling, home spa, making my own cosmetics, collecting herbs for potions and celebrating nutritious and delicious meals. Healthy nutrition is not an empty phrase for me, but a method that makes me feel lighter, stronger and full of energy!

Now, with small steps I learn to live in accordance with the principles of less waste and minimalism. I hope that you will join me on this journey. We can advise each other how to live healthier, happier and above all more natural.

On the blog, there is a place for lovers of natural hair and body care, healthy nutrition and cosmetics reviews with a good, non-toxic composition.

Please visit my website!

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