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Ultraplex, Joanna; cheap replacement for Olaplex?

Hey loved ones. Today I decided to tell you about my Ultraplex treatment after the last hair dye. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it very well, and although the cheap, drugstore dye only went to the roots, it smelled so bad that I have serious concerns about the condition of my hair.

Fortunately, I remembered that I had a set of Ultraplex at home, purchased once in order to test this theory, whether it would be as good for my hair as Olaplex , which I made a year ago in a hairdressing salon and at home. It would be best to add Ultraplex to the paint to mitigate its negative effects, but I did all this therapy separately, the next day after dyeing. Since there are not many reviews of this set, I wanted to show you the effects and tell you if such a cheap alternative to Olaplex worked for me. I invite you to the next part of the post.

Ultraplex, Joanna;  cheap substitute for Olaplex?
Ultraplex, Joanna; cheap substitute Olaplex ?

Joanna Ultraplex Hair regeneration system

Ultraplex is an innovative system that regenerates the structure of the hair. It is a breakthrough product that rebuilds disulfide bridges inside the hair responsible for their strength and elasticity. When added to paint or brightener, it effectively reduces chemical and mechanical damage and increases color durability. Ultraplex strengthens and cares for hair already during hairdressing treatments, thanks to which your hair will be in excellent condition.

The action of Ultratraplex is based on a multi-stage hair regeneration system:

1. Ultraplex No. 1 – The activator, when combined with any coloring or brightening product, rebuilds disulfide bridges inside the hair. Penetrating into their fibers, it intensively strengthens structural bonds and reduces hair breakage.
2. Ultraplex No. 2 – A stabilizer applied to the hair maintains and strengthens the disulfide bridges in their structure. In addition, it closes the cuticles on the surface of the hair, providing them with long-lasting strength, elasticity and shine.
3. Ultraplex No. 3 – Regenerator is a nourishing serum that allows you to maintain a much better condition of your hair. It protects them from mechanical damage. Use it before your next wash.

The package contains:

– Activator 4 g sachet
– Stabilizer 20 g
tube – Regenerator 20 g tube
– Information leaflet

Price: 17.49

Availability: low (mini drugstores, internet, manufacturer’s store)

My opinion

Ultralex – prices and capacities

The products are placed in separate packages, small and handy for one use or trips. It also does not cost much for such a treatment, comparing to Olaplex or hairdressing treatments – PLN 17-25.

You can also buy separately – larger capacity of each product. However, it is worth buying a starter kit first to try it out, and then, when it works for us, buy full-size products. In the case of hair burnt after bleaching and very damaged, one treatment will not bring much effect, but it will improve the overall appearance of the hair.

Joanna also offers shampoo and conditioner at similar prices, recommended during the treatment. However, after a thorough analysis of the ingredients and opinions, I found that they are not necessary. Shampoo is simple, mild and yes, if you don’t have one at home or a set is for a gift, you can buy it, the composition is quite okay, while the conditioner is not worth the price at all. You can also use the cosmetics you already have at home.

On the other hand, the regenerator seemed worth attention to me, so I bought a full-size product together with the set – in a large reusable tube for about PLN 13. In order to prolong the effects of the treatment and as a good product that regenerates hair on its own.

The main advantage of Ultraplex is to rebuild the disulfide bridges inside the hair, making it look healthier. Thus, Ultraplex is no different from the already famous Olaplex, which is mainly intended for use in hairdressing salons and costs a fortune. Unlike him, Ultraplex is inexpensive, quite accessible and do-it-yourself at home. How did this product work for me?

My treatment with Ultraplex


The Ultraplex treatment is intended mainly for people who dye their hair, but because I did not do the treatment during dyeing or bleaching, I decided to dissolve the activator in 25 ml of water – as suggested by the manufacturer. Belatedly, I read the opinion of another blogger to add a conditioner to the mix. Rightly so, because the water that was created was difficult to apply to the hair, it just dripped and flowed everywhere. I advise you to get a spray bottle and just watch out for the eyes. But somehow I managed to distribute the product by dipping my hair in a cup to soak it in liquid. It hurts my back a bit 🙂 I put it on washed with cleansing shampoo, squeezed hair and left it for 30 minutes.

One more thing – the sachet exploded when opened with the teeth (because it jams), so I recommend keeping the scissors close. The taste of Ultraplex is not special 🙂

After twenty minutes, I used the stabilizer. I rubbed it thoroughly into my hair. The product, on the other hand, had a thick consistency and was easy to handle, and a small sachet was enough to cover my long hair. I wrapped my hair in foil and a towel.

After another 20 minutes, I washed everything off with a mild shampoo.

The last step, i.e. the regenerator  , I divided into two parts, because there was a bit too much product in the sachet. I should apply it only before the next hair wash, but as part of one experimental treatment – and because I have a package of the cosmetic in stock – I applied it as the last step to the entire length of my hair and also applied foil and a towel. The regenerator also did not run off the hair, it had a great “hairdresser” smell.
then I washed everything off with cool water and applied a silicone serum on the ends. The hair was soft and fragrant, well arranged.

After treatment:

Before the next wash, I applied the regenerator again – on previously oiled hair, as a nourishing base, then, using a mild shampoo, I cleansed the scalp and proceeded with further care. Currently, I use the regenerator rarely, about once a month to maintain the effects of the treatment. The packaging is very efficient and in my opinion it was worth buying.

Treatment effects:

Hair after using the regenerative system was soft and fragrant, nicely arranged. It seems to me that they were thicker, but this effect quickly passed. I have the impression that ULTRAPLEX helped my dry ends, my hair behaves like before lightening. Less tangling and fluffing, less undercutting, no more dry hay. The results were much better than after many masks that I have used so far – it’s a pity that they lasted so short. I’m going to test the treatment again – this time during dyeing. I am very curious about the results!

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Ultraplex is a great, cheap treatment for damaged hair, which is definitely worth trying. Just remember that the effect depends on the condition of the hair – the slightly damaged ones will not notice much difference, while Ultraplex will be perfect for bleached, burnt, dry hair. Of course, it won’t turn back time or hairdressing treatments, but it will definitely improve their overall appearance. It is worth buying a starter kit, see if it will help us and then buy the entire treatment in full-size packaging. After the effects on my own hair, I can safely recommend such a treatment as a cheap alternative to Olaplex .

Have you already used the ULTRAPLEX regenerative treatment? Or do you want me to test something else? 

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