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Red bean brownie – fit cake without flour and sugar

hey guys! Today I have for you another recipe for delicious sweets: protein cake or red bean brownie, which is healthy, tasty and although it is in the fit version, because it does not contain sugar, margarine or flour, the taste is not inferior to traditional sweets.

Brwonie is perfect for coffee and for unannounced guests, it will definitely taste everyone. Making this cake is easy and takes little time. We can also bake them with eggs or vegan and with any additions – fruit, bananas, nuts. Each time it comes out perfectly and delicious. You can’t smell the beans at all, because the cake is very chocolate, wet and soft, simply delicious. If you are interested in my recipe, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Red bean brownie

Red bean brownie – a recipe on how to make it


  • can of red beans
  • tablespoon of coconut / rapeseed oil
  • two eggs / linseed
  • ripe banana
  • two tablespoons of dark cocoa
  • flat teaspoon baking powder
  • 100 g stevia / xylitol / erythrole
  • 1 op. vanilla sugar / vanilla oil

In addition, we will need: a form for bread, pate or plantain – quite small and flat, and a hand blender or cup


Time needed:  29 min ..

Red bean brownie

  1. First, we prepare and measure out the ingredients.Drain the beans from the pickle, rinse with cold water and dry.
  2. Mixing the dough.Throw the beans into the blender, put in two whole eggs and a chopped banana. Mix to break up large pieces, then add coconut oil, cocoa (beware of dusting) and baking powder.
  3. Bleeding ingredients.Brownie should be blended for a long time, so that the dough has a completely smooth and compact mass. Poorly crushed bean peels or banana will cause baked brownie to fall apart.
  4. We put the mass into the mold.It can be lightly greased, e.g. with a brush with oil.
  5. Baking.Bake the brownie in the oven, up and down, without hot air at 190 ° C for approx. 40-55 minutes, checking every time until a dry stick. Then we cool down and it’s ready!
Red bean brownie


  • The dough can be made in many ways – as a nutcracker, sweet cake, apple pie with crumble instead of cocoa, with chocolate coating or sprinkled with almonds
  • In the vegan version, instead of eggs, we use its substitutes so that the dough is compact and does not break during cutting
  • If you like intense chocolate flavor, you can add more cocoa – I like to give a lot!

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Are you tempted by my healthy brownie? Ania

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