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A year of hair empties | 1. herbs, leave in, tonics, scrubs

Hey ! Today, it’s time for the final hair empties project, i.e. cosmetic wear throughout the past year. This will be a summary of some of the hair care products you use upscrubs, sprays, herbs, and scrubs. Every year, I always make various types of shorter and longer bottom designs, but periodically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies. The main reason I do this is to throw away any products that have reached their expiration date.

And to use up the ones that end on their own, but those that I never use, and still remain on the shelves. And also to summarize the care of the last months. This time, I also focused on hair products, because I had too many of them. I managed to use most of the end of the year bottom in the project. It was not easy, but I managed to do it and I consider the design of the cosmetic hair base to be successfully completed. Below I present to you my collections of almost all used packaging from the last 12 months. Feel free to post!

Hair cap | Hair lotions and conditioners

Hair cap from the year | 1. herbs, rubs, liquid conditioners, peels

Balea MEN, Caffein Power Effect hair tonic – a great and inexpensive lotion with caffeine, which stimulated my growth! Only available at DM drugstores.

Elfa Pharm, burdock serum against hair loss – Polish, mild and herb-packed lotion, I remember it very well, unfortunately the rest of the series has poor compositions.

Vianek wcierka for hair growth. Vianek, a soothing tonic-wcierka for the scalp – my next pack of wcierki is a very good, daily and soothing lotion.

Seboradin | lotion and balm against hair loss – Seboradin lotion has a composition, let’s say more medical, but rich and supported by scientific research. I believe this is how the series helped me reduce my hair loss a lot this fall.

Vienita, bio smoothing conditioner – I quickly used a series of five hydrosols and two Venity conditioners as hair sprays – both for scalp and hair growth and for hair length.

Venita, news in natural hair care

Some hydrosols were wonderful for face and making masks, especially orange flowers. I love and I am already ordering new ones.

Venita hydrosol for the body, face and hair

Venita Bio, Natural Care, Herbal treatment against hair loss and graying – the bottle has been lost after use, but it is a great lotion for growth and loss, a wonderfully natural and rich composition.

Radical med- conditioner against hair loss- a great new series from Radical, which I really appreciate, so I had to try this spray and a more intensive treatment, and the reviews of both will appear on the blog soon.

Joanna black turnip – the iconic lotion known to everyone from the beginnings of hair maniacs, now in a different (unfortunately tiny) package, but also great for quick growth.

Joanna Konopie – I missed a bottle with the same design, but it is also finished. An extremely interesting product that has not been on the market, with hemp extract, which has a great soothing and strengthening effect on the scalp. Unfortunately, also a tiny capacity and an average price.

Reviews of both products will appear on the blog soon!

Hair cap from the year | 1. herbs, rubs, liquid conditioners, peels

Hair Biotic, ampoules and shampoo for hair loss – brilliant ampoules to reduce hair loss, after just one package used with the shampoo, I had good results.

Jantar, Treatment in ampoules with amber extract – as you know, the lotion of this company is a cult cosmetic for hair maniacs, known on the market for many years, so I also tested more concentrated ampoules with a similar composition. brilliant for falling out, a two-pack treatment was enough for me. I will definitely come back!

Khadi, wonder hair tonic – also another packaging used for the scalp: it is brilliant both as a conditioner, varnish and as a lotion .
Unfortunately, I threw away the rest of the rugs, and there were certainly many more of them.

Herbal color, herbal conditioner horsetail – very cheap, good composition and very efficient, but simple rub based on one herbal extract based on alcohol, with the addition of moisturizers. I tested it for falling out and despite the miracles it did not work, it is a great everyday lotion.

I bought and is currently testing the whole series (there will be a review), although I only use some of them for DIY maintenance. Black turnip from Barwa is still the most complex and cheap rub against lichen and hair loss.

Sessio Detox System – vinegar detox for hair – I used vinegar spray as a spray rinse / conditioner b / s after washing my hair, it was beautifully smooth and shiny after it, in addition it smells beautiful (no acetic odor).

Herbs and henna for hair

Ground fenugreek – recently I found a whole supply of herbs hidden in the cupboard, so I used them in several recipes for lichen masks, and made oil from the leftovers.

Khadi, Hair Henna Sunny Blond | tests – literally the tiny remnant of henna from this review got tangled somewhere in my harvest, so I used it as soon as possible for henna gloss. I love this bright color and the Khadi company, I will definitely test them with pure henna for regrowth!

Fitokosmetik, Iranian henna in cream with oils | hair news – liquid henna aka hair shampoos, although they have good ingredients, they do not belong to healthy ones, but they were good for quick dyeing. I tested three colors: Cassia, Red and Brown.

Henna sro natural cosmetics, Tycjan henna – strange and suspicious henna from Czech DM, I was so afraid to use it that I only started to do it recently, but the effect was even good.

Venita, henna and cassia for dyeing my hair – I don’t even count how many packages I used. Cheap and good, well ground, fresh and Polish, I will always buy it. They are for PLN 15 on the allegro, so you won’t find anything cheaper, and for the quality … I heartily recommend it.

Venita, herbal hair dyes | 100% natural

Scalp scrubs

Vianek, Soothing Scalp Peeling – I had a strange coincidence that I got another package to test and it worked just as well for me, but I prefer acid peels, not mechanical ones.

RADICAL, Trichological scrub for the scalp – but I liked this cosmetic very much, I liked the ritual of applying it before every third wash, I felt a brilliant cleansing of the scalp – like never before.

Ghassoul clay – an old gift also discovered at the bottom of the wardrobe, I used it very quickly for face masks – brilliant for acne – and for hair. It is a clay definitely packed with minerals and well worth the money, I will definitely buy again.

See: Ghassoul clay, cinnamon, keratin | DIY scalp scrub

Hair empties of the year – summary

I have completely used most of the herbs, sprays and scrubs in the end-of-year project, which makes me very happy. I have a lot of washers and here, too, I think it is a very good result, especially since I tested many new products at the same time and went through all currently open hair cosmetics throughout the month. In addition, I used a huge amount of vitamins and preparations for hair growth and hair loss, reviews will appear on the blog periodically. Unfortunately, I did not manage to use a few cosmetics and leftover semi-finished products to the very end, but I wanted to waste products and use them forcefully, or not to disturb my hair routine with full PEH. However, this year I used a lot of residual hair cosmetics, so I consider the hair-bottom project successful and I am very pleased with myself.

See also: My guide on how to use a bad hair conditioner.

In total, last year I used more than 32 products from these categories (I threw away a few herbal packs and rubs). This is how it is presented, and I hope that among all these products you have found some that interested you in some way.

And if you like this bottom design, check out the next parts: masks, shampoos, intermediates, oils and conditioners.

Do you like to read about cosmetics in the bottom project? Asia

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