Splat Kids and Junior | toothpastes not only for children

Hey guys! See what great toothpastes for children have recently come to us for testing! These are popular products from Splat Junior and Splat Kids, toothpastes and foams without fluoride, SLS, pegs and other harmful and completely unnecessary additives, but with a wealth of calcium and vitamins.  My daughter liked the Splat pastes right away, no wonder […]

Biomed SuperWhite, fluoride-free toothpaste

Hi! Today is about a new product – Biomed SuperWhite coconut toothpaste. I also rarely use whitening strips and specialized whitening toothpastes, every now and then, when I notice that there is more deposit on the enamel and the teeth need it. Usually then I use homemade coconut oil and activated carbon toothpastes; because it was hard for […]

DIY herbal mouthwash, Homemade and fluoride-free

Hi, guys! Today, a recipe for the simplest and cheapest possible, eco-friendly mouthwash without fluoride. I like it very much for its delicate taste and nice effect.  You’re probably wondering if mouthwashes are effective even when they don’t have fluoride? Sure. After all, we want freshness and rinse out food remains: even rinsing your teeth after a meal […]

Homemade coconut toothpaste without fluoride | DIY

Hey guys! Today I am giving you a new DIY recipe – homemade coconut oil toothpaste, which is great for daily oral hygiene. I always keep it on hand and use it alternately with other, store toothpaste. It is very easy and quick to make, I usually have the ingredients at home. After all, coconut oil is my […]

DIY Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide

Hey guys! Today I have another DIY recipe for you – Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide, completely natural, safe and without fluoride. If you want to know how to prepare homemade mouthwash diy for fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums, check out my simple recipe for homemade potions. DIY Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide is a […]

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