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Stomach drops for hair growth | DIY

Hey guys! Today I have another DIY for you: Stomach drops as a lotion for hair loss and fast hair growth. It is a popular method of cheap hair growth promoted by hair bloggers from many years ago.

I have tested it several times in my life because it is incredibly cheap, quite effective and easily available. Every time we have an open bottle of drops in the first aid kit, we can use it for hair purposes, because it would be wasted open in the refrigerator anyway. A few days ago I just started another treatment with wcierka. It never helped me too much to fall out, it was also a nuisance to use due to its characteristic smell and sticky hair, and made my scalp a bit greasy. However, I have the impression that it caused a faster growth – much so!
So I decided to repeat the treatment and remind you about this incredibly cheap method of hair growth to try. If you are curious, check out my recipe.

Stomach drops


Stomach drops is a medicine  in the form of oral drops made from herbal extracts. The drug is used  in indigestion and digestive disorders , as well as  in anorexia . The drops are intended for adults.


The active substance of the drug is herbal extracts.

100 g of drops contain:  Hyperici intractum  24 ml (extract from fresh St. John’s wort,  Hyperici perforatum L. , (DER 1: 1), extractant: ethanol 96% (V / V)  Menthae piperitae tinctura  26.5 ml (tincture of mint leaves) pepper,  Menthae piperita L. , (DER 1:20), extractant ethanol 90% (V / V)  Valerianae tinctura  24.5 ml (valerian root tincture,  Valeriana officinalis L. , (DER 1: 4), extractant ethanol 70 % (V / V)  Amara tinctura  25 ml (bitter tincture of gentian roots,  Gentiana lutea L. , leaves of  laurel Menyathes trifoliata L. , pericarp of bitter orange,  Citrus aurantium L., subspecies aurantium, (DER 1: 3.5), extractant ethanol 70% (V / V) The product contains 65-72% (V / V) of ethanol.

Capacity: 35 g
Availability: any pharmacy

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My opinion and tests:

Why just stomach drops?

A long time ago, when the cosmetics market did not have a large selection of interesting products, and hair blogs celebrated the peak of popularity … Yes, it was like that in recent times. Someone very cleverly noticed that the composition of stomach drops is full of herbal extracts and extracts, enclosed in ethanol. Jets is a ready-made essence for hair growth, which only needs a little dilution to have a ready and sanitary lotion. For a great deal of money. I think this is the cheapest wcierka you can imagine, because such a bottle, which will last us for a month, costs about 3 zlotys. It is also available in absolutely every pharmacy. No wonder that such a DIY rub has conquered the intert very quickly and became a hit for hair maniacs.

Which stomach drops to choose?

Such drops are produced by many companies and they do not differ in any way, it is about composition, price and capacity. of course, the more herbal extracts, the better. you will pay attention not that it is not only bitter orange and mint. Here I suggest Amara drops, because they were like that in the best pharmacy.

My stomach drops test:

I have tested it several times in my life because it is incredibly cheap, quite effective and easily available. It never helped me too much to fall out, it was also a nuisance to use due to its characteristic smell and sticky hair – it must have made my scalp a bit greasy, so I used it in the winter months to hide it under my hat. However, I have the impression that it caused new hair to grow faster – much! Plus, pour out baby hair.


This rub is highly alcoholic, it can irritate some people.
At the beginning, I always recommend diluting it well and gradually reducing the amount of water as you use it. You can start with a proportion as low as 5-1. We mix the drops with water, all kinds of teas, hydrosols, herbs, face tonics, other lotions.

Stomach drops as a lotion for hair growth | DIY recipe for rubbing


  • stomach drops
  • water, green / black tea, coffee, hydrolate etc.
  • glass and syringe

Time required:  5 min ..

Stomach drops as a lotion for hair growth

  1. We prepare the ingredients.It is good to always keep the glass in a place where we do our hair routine, e.g. on a table or bedside table, to remember about it. Shake the bottle well and cool the drink.
  2. Mixing.Pour a small amount of drops into a glass and take it into a syringe. We leave 2-2.5 ml of drops in it, and inject the rest into the bottle.
  3. We add water.Pour the selected drink into the glass again and fill the syringe full (I am up to 5 ml) and pour the rest into the sink. Finished! This is the fastest way I have tested.
  4. Applying lotions.You can squirt the syringe with your fingers so that the liquids mix better. We spray the entire scalp with a rub and perform a short, gentle massage.

How to use a DIY drop gel? 

The mixture should be rubbed into the scalp once or twice a day, i.e. in the morning or in the evening. I take the lotion into the syringe (you can also buy it for pennies from the pharmacy), I measure 2 ml of it, add 2.5 ml of water and inject the scalp with this amount. Then I do a thorough massage with my fingertips.

The treatment can be used daily for 3-4 weeks, then take a week off and you can repeat the treatment from the beginning. Although I wouldn’t recommend using just one lotion all the time. It is better to use it several times a year, interchangeably with others for the best results in hair growth and thickening. 

Have you already used this treatment? What are your results?

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