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Painful period-10 home remedies for menstruation

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Hi guys! I announce my remedies for painful period nad menstruation. I have always suffered from a painful and abundant menstruation, during my period I have had cramps, abdominal pain, swelling and … a strange feeling of cold feet 🙂 However, although each of us feels unpleasant these days, we cannot let our body biology disturb us in an active life.

Over these few years, I have already tested many tips for menstrual pain, better and worse. I want to share with you my proven, effective methods that I still use during each period. Are you curious? Please see the article.

Ways for painful menstruation

Ways for painful period

Always be prepared

If you are not on contraception, it is still a good idea to remember when your period starts, for example by making a note in a calendar or a special application on your phone. Nothing worse than being overwhelmed during a stressful day with blotchy light peel and overwhelming period pain. Stock up on hygiene supplies and painkillers so that they are always at home and you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night, for example. I keep Ibuprom hidden in a special place so as not to use it for a simple headache. I also always carry a sanitary napkin with me in my purse just in case – it has saved me and my friends in crisis situations more than once.


Just before the period begins, when the first small spots appear, a little pain will start to appear. Usually it is so slight that we ignore it, and take medication only during the attack of the greatest pain and cramps. However, it can be prevented by taking the first dose of pain relievers and relievers shortly after the start of your period.

You don’t need to buy special women’s remedies for painful periods. I usually take regular ibuprom, but any drug containing ibuprofen will work well – it is gentler on the stomach and has fewer side effects than paracetamol drugs. I also take the usual diastolic no-sleep. I found out that popular drugs in this combination work best for me.

If your period pain is unbearable

As soon as the worst pain on day 1 or 2 begins, I immediately take a double dose of 2 tablets of no-spy and ibuprom. After a while, the pain will ease, you need to wait a while, and do not exceed the recommended daily dose of drugs. They are not indifferent to our body, so on a daily basis, with ordinary ailments, I look for alternative solutions to save myself from the accumulation of drugs, but with menstrual pain there is nothing to get tired of. Take a large or double dose right away and it should help after a while.

Ways for painful menstruation

Chamomile tea

You can find many recipes for herbal blends to help with menstrual cramps on the web, but I know from experience that chamomile flower tea is the most powerful: relaxing and relaxing. You can get it in virtually any grocery store as a fix or express tea. Pour a glass of boiling water over two bags and leave for a moment to stretch. When hot, add a teaspoon of honey (or stevia / xylitol, etc., because the taste of this herb is not very tasty by itself).

Non-tight clothing

Nothing worse than wearing tight jeggings or leggings over a swollen and sore stomach. I found out about it a long time ago when I had an unexpected period on a school trip on the bus, wearing tight tights and jeans due to the cold. In addition, the tutor was so stressed out by screaming children that I was afraid to ask her for anything. We drove like that for another hour without a bathroom, without the possibility of reclining the seat … since then I am always prepared. Again, I recommend keeping a calendar, carrying a supply of medication and not wearing tight clothing around this date. At home, put on comfortable, stretched tracksuits and lie down, or at least make it comfortable in the armchair, so that your cramps won’t bother you so much.

A warm compress

A hot water bottle with warm water, placed on the abdomen in a lying or reclining position, will also help with painful menstruation. If you don’t have one, you can also use a plastic bottle wrapped in a cloth, for example, just don’t pour too hot water, because the plastic may not withstand it. A wrap made of a warm kitty, a dog’s head for stroking or a gentle massage from a partner is also good 

Chamomile bath

Long, warm baths or sauna sessions are not recommended during menstruation, but a bath with chamomile may help for severe pains.

Prepare an infusion of several bags of chamomile flowers (or pour 100 g of dried chamomile herb with boiling water). Set aside for a while and strain. Pour the infusion into a bathtub filled with warm water. It doesn’t have to be the entire bathtub, it’s important to sit in it. Take a bath, however, for no more than a quarter of an hour. Then it’s good to stay warm under a blanket.

No stress on stains

I was always afraid of unexpected stains and leaks during my period. Especially at school it was my biggest stress. I wore long sweaters down to mid-thigh, covering any mishaps, and every now and then I ran to the bathroom to make sure everything was in place. That is why I bought long sanitary pads with wings and the most absorbent ones, such as Always Maxi for the night, in order to have the best possible protection during menstruation. I do not recommend wearing them all the time, because they are long, thicker and less comfortable.

But if you are just starting menstruation, you have to stress over a very heavy period during an already difficult day or you are away, this protection will definitely work. This type of sanitary napkin should not get wet, even if we wear it for too long. Of course, this is not a very hygienic solution, sanitary pads must be changed frequently, at least 4-6 hours, regardless of their consumption. They cannot be “spared” – it is of course about multiplying bacteria. Rather, my idea is a patent for extreme situations, which did not let me down even when walking in the mountains or on a long journey when there was no access to a bathroom or other hygiene measures for several hours.

In everyday use, absorbent pads are still better, but more comfortable pads are necessarily with wings – these can easily move without them. I recommend Always Sensitive – we still have peace of mind, cleanliness and dryness without worries, but they are much softer, comfortable and adapt to body movements more easily.

Ways for painful menstruation

Top up iron and rest

Have you ever wondered why, stereotypically in films, women during the period watch romantic comedies and eat ice cream under the blanket? Well, there’s some truth to that. But not everyone knows that fatigue, depression and the desire for sweets during heavy menstruation cause us not only raging hormones. Together with the blood, we flush folic acid from the body, so it is important to replenish it quickly. I take Falvit every day, which, admittedly, was made for women to supplement iron and other vitamins. But for me they are also a cheap preparation for vegetarians: a source of vitamin. B12 and B vitamins, the lack of which I am afraid.

Regardless of whether you are taking a ready-made formula or not, it is a good idea to eat iron products on the day of your period. Ice cream and biscuits won’t get you it, nor will they cheer you up for long. Better to eat a piece of dark, dark chocolate and dried apricots. Or my delicious coconut and date truffles  or a healthy plum in chocolate shake .

It is also important to take your mind off the pain

Rest for a while, lie down under a blanket for a while and relax, e.g. with your favorite book or series. Warm your feet with warming ointments and warm woolen socks. Drink cocoa or eat chocolate. These days, how can you ever indulge yourself and take time off. Tired and nervous by a painful period, you will not focus on study or work anyway, you will probably just stress more.

Ways for painful menstruation

To sum up my ways for a painful period

My advice for menstrual cramps is to put on comfortable clothes, take a dose of medication and relax under a blanket. Lie down with a warm compress, a piece of chocolate and apricots with chamomile tea. Watch your favorite series and focus on petting pets instead of the pain. you won’t notice how fast it goes! I recommend taking this therapy until the effect 🙂 That means relaxation and improvement of mood. It is easy to use, pleasant and 100% effective.

Do you know any other effective methods for periodic pain? Share in the comment! Surely someone will gratefully take advantage of them 🙂

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