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DIY eco-free aluminum deodorant | the simplest and effective

Hi loves! I come to you with another post about DIY cosmetics, this time it will be a DIY aluminum-free deodorant, a homemade and ecological cosmetic that we can easily make ourselves from ingredients that we already have at home. So it’s quick to make and incredibly cheap, and organic too!

Much better for our sensitive skin than chemical antiperspirants and deodorants with aluminum and alcohol, which are abundantly available on store shelves. It is known that they contain ingredients that have a bad effect on our health and are among the most toxic cosmetics – remember that it is especially important not to rub any harmful chemicals into the sensitive area of the armpits.

To prepare a home-made deodorant, we will only need oils – natural solid fat, e.g. coconut oil with bactericidal properties as well as soda and starch, which will absorb sweat and unpleasant odors. You can find many home deodorant recipes on the internet, but this one is the most effective and it worked very well for me, so I’d like to share it with you! So, if you are interested in this recipe for a DIY deodorant, check out my post.

DIY eco-free aluminum deodorant | the simplest and effective

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How does a homemade deodorant work? Is it effective?

You can find many home deodorant recipes on the internet, but this one is the most effective and has always worked very well for me. Such a deodorant has a similar effect to store eco cosmetics, which are not always effective. The coconut oil contained in it, with bactericidal properties, additionally lubricates and protects the delicate skin against abrasions. Soda and starch or clay will absorb sweat and unpleasant odors, thicken the deodorant and make it easier to apply. Let’s add vitamin E for better care and bactericidal essential oils, which will also give the cosmetic a wonderful and natural fragrance.

This cream does not leave greasy stains on clothes, should not irritate anyone and is really effective – it works for me for several hours, which is the same as eco-shop deodorants, so I do not need to overpay.

DIY eco-free aluminum deodorant | the simplest and effective

Recipe for DIY homemade aluminum no waste deodorant, cheap, simple and effective


  • 2 tablespoons: coconut oil
  • 1, 5 tablespoons: baking soda
  • 1, 5 tablespoons: potato starch
  • a few drops: essential oil – lemon, tea tree, mint
  • possibly vitamin e
  • possibly a teaspoon of clay


  1. Preparation.

    We measure the ingredients, wash and disinfect the flat deodorant container – in my case, a shampoo can in a bar.

  2. Mixing.

    Pour baking soda and flour into a bowl, mix it very thoroughly with a spoon so that there are no lumps left. Gently heat the coconut oil, stirring, for example, in a water bath, to soften it, but do not dissolve it.

  3. Mixing.

    Pour the oil into the baking soda and mix it thoroughly with a vigorous movement. We instill vitamin. and oils and mix again. We put the finished cream in a container and knead it flat, put it in the refrigerator for a while to let it solidify.

  4. Ready.

    The deodorant should be in the form of a butter, easy to rub on the fingers and easy to spread. If it is too liquid, more starch needs to be mixed in.

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Homemade cream deodorant, notes:

The cream should be firm and butter-like even outside the refrigerator, but easy to scoop up and spread on. If not, mix and / or redissolve with more starch. You can also use it on the feet, hands and other parts of the body that sweat too much.

Apply with two fingers (on clean and dry skin) on which we apply a bit of cream, you can also use cotton pads or a spoon.

This cream is not preserved but should not spoil quickly.
I usually keep it in the bathroom and it has lasted quietly for several months, but in summer it can be too liquid and should be moved to the refrigerator.

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