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Alverde, Advent calendar natural cosmetics, review and photos

Hello, dear readers! I come to you today with another news review, this time it’s Alverde, Advent Calendar natural cosmetics, my review and photos. I always wanted to have an advent calendar, but it was a shame to spend so much money on sugar chocolates or other unhealthy sweets.

I didn’t need calendars with cosmetics either – a brief moment of joy, and then miniatures with terrible ingredients linger. Natural calendars were terribly expensive online. Finally, when a stationary store of DM Drugstore appeared in my city, I managed to hunt down an Alverde calendar with 24 natural-only cosmetics-and for a normal price! If you want to know what I think of it and whether it was worth the purchase, I invite you to my short review and photos of the cosmetics.

Alverde, Advent calendar natural cosmetics

Product description

  • Natural fragrances for well-being
  • Sophisticated products for natural skin care
  • 24 surprises to pamper the senses
  • Free of microplastics and synthetic polymers
  • Certified natural cosmetics

Alverde – Advent Calendar 2023: A naturally beautiful Christmas!

The alverde advent calendar surprises you with 24 selected sensory pampering products hidden behind 24 doors. Every day you can enjoy a new cosmetic that will make your skin care even more enjoyable.

The formula of the cosmetics in the alverde advent calendar does not contain microplastics and water-soluble purely synthetic polymers. You can be sure that the products you will discover are safe for your skin and for the environment. When you choose alverde, you choose naturalness.

Alverde’s advent calendar is not only about skin care products, but also about natural fragrances that are good for your well-being. Every day you can open the door and enjoy beautiful fragrances that will add magic and Christmas atmosphere to your home. All products in the alverde advent calendar are certified as natural cosmetics. You can have full confidence in the quality and effectiveness of each cosmetic you will discover in this unique calendar.

Price: PLN 97.95 (approx. PLN 4 per item/ 24 pieces)

Alverde Advent Calendar 2023: product list

  1. Body milk 1:
  2. Shower gel 1:
  3. Protective lipstick:
  4. Hair shampoo:
  5. Hair conditioner:
  6. Hair mask:
  7. Bath lotion 1:
  8. Face scrub:
  9. Moisturizing day cream:
  10. Micellar lotion:
  11. Body milk 2:
  12. Shower gel:
  13. Moisturizing face mask:
  14. Bath lotion 2:
  15. Makeup remover:
  16. Shower gel 2:
  17. Smoothing Hair Mask: Peh
  18. Foot Lotion:
  19. Toning night cream:
  20. Eye cream (fragrance free):
  21. Express hand cream:
  22. Shower gel 3:
  23. Primer under makeup
  24. Beauty oil

My opinion:

I always wanted an advent calendar, but it was a shame to spend so much money on sugar chocolates or other unhealthy sweets. Calendars with cosmetics were not necessary for me either – a short moment of joy, and then the miniatures with terrible composition are overdue. Natural calendars were terribly expensive online. Finally, when a stationary store of DM Drugstore appeared in my city, I managed to hunt down an Alverde calendar with only natural cosmetics-and for a normal price!

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Pretty is already the packaging of the Alverde calendar, very well done. We have a foil, a protective cardboard for the photo, and underneath it a box with a colorful print made of thicker cardboard. It doesn’t break, and that’s good, because it’s easy to open. You can keep the box and use it for next year if you want to be very no waste :) Nothing in it got bent or damaged.

It was very pleasant to discover a new beauty product every day to test and care for right away. It’s also a good opportunity for bloggers – you can try a whole series of cosmetics and form an opinion about the brand. Quickly and without spending money on a ton of cosmetics that are impossible to use up later.

I like the natural composition of the cosmetics, and most are alcohol-free this time, which was very important for me. The beautiful, small, cute packaging with Christmas prints has a festive vibe.

The calendar has a good price, not too high for such quality. The cosmetics come out to 3-4 zloty per miniature, which is standard. Just in time for testing or mini products for Christmas trips. We have little here of cheap cloggers like nail files, clips and sachets. There are two bath lotions, I would have preferred something better, but that can be gotten over.

Alverde, Advent Calendar of natural cosmetics, all 24 cosmetics

I liked the coconut hand mask themost – the smell is insane! And the unscented eye cream. Body lotions and lotions as much as possible will come in handy a few pieces each, because this is the fastest to use up. Besides, by the prints and scents you can immediately get into the Christmas mood :)

You can do a full skincare with them, a homemade Christmas spa from head to toe. It’s definitely worth it and I recommend it as an alternative to calendars with unhealthy chocolates and plastic dupe that we don’t need for anything. Instead, the cosmetics are varied: we have face and body care, a hair set and a bath set.


The Alverde calendar is definitely worth it. Good price, not too high for such quality. Just right for testing or for Christmas trips. It’s thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing and well made. Definitely a product worth trying.

Would you be tempted to try this fragrant relaxer? Are you familiar with Alverde cosmetics?

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