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OH! PURE PIGMENT, mineral shadows – swatches and opinion

Hello, darlings. Today there will be another makeup post – swatches of mineral shadows that have recently appeared in my new cosmetics on the blog. Beautiful mineral pigments OH! PURE PIGMENT are new in the catalog of Koloró

Until now, I only knew their pigments sold in plastic bags. Meanwhile, we get these in an elegant, branded box. These are ready-made eye shadows, perfect for a gift and to enlarge your own collection – you don’t have to mix or pour anything. And what colors! lovely! You won’t find this in a drugstore… If you are curious about these shades, I invite you to the next part of the post., OH! PURE PIGMENT

Pure, loose pigments with intense and durable colors. For eyelids and body. Depending on the needs and method of application, they can be used in everyday make-up, stage make-up, body painting or in photo sessions. They can be applied both dry and wet.
They can be combined with each other practically without restrictions, adapting to your preferences and needs.
This mineral cosmetic:

  • Contains no preservatives
  • It does not contain silicones
  • Does not contain parabens
  • Not tested on animals
  • No GMOs are used in production
  • It does not contain nanomaterials
  • It does not contain CMR substances
  • It does not contain any of the 26 potential allergens

Capacity: 1.5 g
Price:  PLN 19.90
Availability:  Koloró

I chose the most “glamorous” pigments, the most interesting in my opinion from the collection. 

My shades of OH! PURE PIGMENT:

Desert Rose – subdued, satin pink with a very natural shade. Subtle and refined. Created for the role of eye shadow or blush. It will emphasize the natural shade of the lips. The pigment perfectly adheres to your skin, does not require any additives or bases.

This shade is perfect for making a lip gloss, lipstick or blush – after mixing well with a cosmetic base. I really like this shade, it reminds me of the shades in the very expensive branded eye shadow palettes that have been in vogue in recent months. Certainly, it is not a shade of eyeshadow for everyday use and not for everyone, but for a summer dress, for a photo shoot or just for fun… It’s really captivating in real life, it doesn’t hit the eyes or is too blurred – very nice composition, I must use it be sure to break the spring roses!

Patagonian Sunrise – fuchsia pink with an intense golden glow. Charming and sweet, without large, flashy particles. Ready to use when five minutes before your date you decide to make yourself innocent. It can be used for eyelid make-up, accentuating lips … Also as a brightening blush, it will work perfectly. 
It adheres well to the skin, does not require admixtures. Applied on a colorless base, it gains intensity. It looks great in the dark.

This shade is definitely suitable for an original lip gloss and eye shadow, as an addition to a floral outfit for a summer date. On tanned skin, in nicely blended make-up, it will look really intense, girly and exceptional. This color is hard to find in drugstore palettes. Worth having in your collection!

Clair de Lune – a bright, lavender-grey pigment with discreet particles and a silvery-ash glow. The pigment perfectly adheres to the skin and is a ready-made eye shadow. You don’t need to add anything or use make-up bases.

I apply this shade all over my eyelid. It is original and expressive, but still suitable for every day, for the city, especially with a gray coat on such cloudy, snowless winter days. Perhaps also for an evening party. To the corner of the eye and to the center of the eyelid. It’s a great, multi-functional shade that suits every complexion. No big particles, no intense glow, more grayish than lavender – an amazing shade. Nude among locusts!

Fairy Dust – nude, light beige. Mild and neutral with larger sparkling particles. Extremely versatile. You can apply it all over the eyelid or highlight the inner corner of the eye. Applied with a thin layer, it will illuminate the face or neckline. It can be a nice accent on the lips. Light, subtle, delicate.

Another universal shade. Flesh beige, nude type, but with a beautiful, tile sheen, slightly more beige than typical colors of this type. Of course, I wear it all over the eyelid, but also as an iridescent bronzer – it depends on the type of skin tone, it matched mine perfectly. I will also add it to my lip gloss, which must be in this universal shade, matching every lipstick. This is a must have shade, even when you have a lot of such shades, this one is exceptionally beautiful.

Smokey Topaz – warm, almost matte brown. An element thanks to which you can nicely finish make-up made with the wildest pigments. Might as well use it solo for a classic smokey.
The pigment adheres very well to the skin and is a ready-made eye shadow. You don’t need to mix anything with it, you can use it straight away for make-up.

This shade is the only matte one from this collection that I own. It can be used in the eyelid crease as a very warm, reddish brown or in a milder smokey eye version, or on the entire eyelid in autumn make-up. Some people may like it as an eyebrow shadow or bronzer, for me it’s too brick-red for that, but I really like to wear it just rubbed on the eyelid. A very basic color, which is worth having in your collection, especially when you have hazel eyes … It emphasizes them amazingly!

Mirage –  flickering particles iridescent with a subtle pink. Again, it can be used to illuminate the corner of the eyes or the center of the eyelid, or blended with pink tones of shadows. It is a very interesting shade that shimmers in a slightly pink color. Unusual and beautiful, flecky, I will use it especially on New Year’s Eve as a face glitter and as a flickering shadow, it will definitely give me a great effect.

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To sum up:

From the whole range of Colors, these shadows OH! PURE PIGMENT seems to me the most interesting and unique shades, and such quality in relation to the price is rare in the world of mineral cosmetics. So if you are wondering what colors to choose, I hope I helped you a bit. Certainly these colors are worth attention! Or have others caught your eye?

What do you think about them? Or maybe other shades caught your eye? Let me know in the comment!

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