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J.Fenzi perfumes, Natural Line, Purple Lilac EDP

Hey guys! I come to you today with new perfume products, these will be perfumes of the brand J.Fenzi.

This modest and cheap bottle is a perfume with natural oils – one fragrance note, i.e. one-tone. It was a Christmas gift from my sister who knows how much I love the smell of lilac. I hid it in the wardrobe months enough to open it especially now, a few days before May and the flowering of the entire maista with beautiful lilac flowers.

And indeed, this product stole my heart right away, it smells very convincing, not at all artificial, rather like an ordinary purple lilac bush, which we know from childhood in the countryside, rather than a typical, strong and chemical lilac. If you are interested in how these perfumes worked for me, I invite you to the rest of this post.

J. Fenzi perfumes

Perfumes J.Fenzi, Natural Line, Purple Lilac EDP

Product description

Eau de parfum with the scent of lilac. Natural Line perfume collection with uniform fruity and floral notes. The whole range of fragrances includes both fresh, delicate, light and stronger fragrances. Inspired by the scents of nature.

WITHOUT – a beautiful, spring fragrance that will surely charm women fascinated by this wonderfully flowering shrub. It brings to mind sunny May days and makes you feel optimistic. A delicate but expressive fragrance will win the hearts of women with a positive attitude to life.

50 ml capacity

Price 9- 15.00 PLN

J.Fenzi perfumes without

J.Fenzi perfumes – my opinion


The perfumes of the Polish brand J.Fenzi are actually eau de parfum, the fragrances of which are often inspired by the most popular branded perfumes of global brands. This time, however, we are dealing not with an equivalent, but with the Natural Line series, which is a bit different from the rest of the range. First of all – it doesn’t pretend to be anything!

These are modest and cheap spray bottles that look like body water for a teenager. The packages are charming, the cardboard box quickly catches the eye with a floral motif, tempting you to try more fragrances. The bottles are nice too, made of heavy glass and well made, the sprinklers are good, nothing gets stuck or the caps come off. Has no flaws. The whole natural line looks similar, with different prints. The collection includes both simple “one-tone” fragrances, such as cherry or strawberry, but also deeper ones, made of 3 notes, like a real perfume – vanilla and caramel or green tea with mandarin. Pride!

Honestly, if I saw such a bottle of inconspicuous Eau de Parfum a few years ago in a drugstore for a few pennies, I would have thought it was a poor spray for teenagers with a durability equal to Avon mists.

However, as I read, famous perfume specialists say that J. Fenzi has managed to create something really interesting, single toners that are sometimes lacking on the market, simple and charming fragrances that are not chemical for that. These fragrances tempt you to buy another bottle every time you visit the drugstore .. For example, these spring days I am very tempted by cherry and jasmine.

J. Fenzi perfumes

J. Fenzi projection and Durability:

I did not expect cheap Eau de Parfum to be somehow extremely intense and durable. However, sometimes such products can surprise you. However, lilac from J. Fenzi did not feel too long, it develops quickly and dissolves immediately afterwards. Already after 4 hours it becomes slightly noticeable on the wrist. But it may be my skin’s fault – I read reviews where without being in the series the longest, also on clothes. Still, such quality for the price I think is really good; you can always piss yourself.

To sum up, it is a fragrance for summer or summer, for lilac lovers and perfume testers. Perfect for a gift for a young woman who cannot afford the prices of branded drugstores. But also every day, for myself, to give myself a little pleasure in the form of buying a cheap, new fragrance. Perfect for spring days.  

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For the price alone, it’s worth going on a perfume hunt. J.Fenzi can be found in these small neighborhood drugstores and shops for just a few zlotys.

Do you know this smell? Have you had the opportunity to use it?

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