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Autumn smoothie for immunity and good mood | very fruity

Hello guys! Today I wanted to share with you a recipe for one of my favorite smoothies. The idea for it came to me this morning when I was picking fruit from the plot and I did not know what else delicious can be made from a few apples and rhubarb. The cocktail that I have prepared for us is a delicious, juicy fruit protein shake with the taste of the first autumn fruits: grapes, plums and apples, as well as healthy kale and rhubarb.

Why is it so healthy? Because it is dense, very filling and provides a large amount of various proteins. Thanks to the presence of linseed and pumpkin oil, it also contains a small portion of carbohydrates, healthy fats and vitamins with fat B. Therefore, you can replace your breakfast, dinner and even treat it with a post-workout meal, which I often do. I also use it in my cocktail diet, where all meals of the day are replaced with similar fruit, vegetable and protein shakes. I also like to make it every day, as a tasty dessert. It replaces “something sweet” for my afternoon coffee, and because it is so healthy, I have no remorse after consuming such a deliciousness. Would you like such a fruity cocktail? Please check out my quick recipe!

Autumn smoothie for immunity and good mood | very fruity

Recipe for Autumn Smoothie for immunity and good mood


  • a handful of grapes, blueberries or autumn raspberries
  • 2 plums
  • big apple
  • a sprig of rhubarb
  • 2 kale or spinach leaves
  • yogurt- a small package
  • ground flaxseed, chia seeds or goji berries
  • 2 teaspoons of honey or something to sweeten
  • a teaspoon of healthy oil, such as pumpkin


Recipe for Autumn Smoothie for immunity and good mood

  1. Preparation.

    Thoroughly wash and dry all fruit and vegetables. We cut into pieces. We take out the yogurt so that it is at room temperature.

  2. Mixing.

    Put everything in turn into the blender. Mix for a few minutes on the normal speed of the blender, and then for a few seconds on high. We check the taste and sweeten it if necessary.

  3. Ready.

    Pour the cocktail into glasses and decorate with fruit / seeds. The recipe comes out of two servings – glasses of 250 ml. Enjoy your meal!

Autumn smoothie for immunity and good mood | very fruity

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Doesn’t it look delicious? Will you make yourself such a sweet dessert? Enjoy your meal!

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