Will the Epsom salt replace the L-cysteine? The way for smooth and shiny hair (tests)

Epson salt is a combination of magnesium and sulfur, i.e. heptahydrate, magnesium sulphate. Appearance resembles table salt (sodium chloride), however, it is bitter in taste (hence the name), it is odorless, has a pH neutral for the skin. It is obtained from springs near British Epson, hence the name of the preparation. This specificity has been used in industry, cosmetics as well as in medicine. Most, however, is known as one of the more popular and available in the world … Means for purging πŸ™‚ And here is my question, why all the specifics good for hair care always have to be purged? (Senes, Cassia, Kruszyna, at the pharmacy, they start to look at me strangely …

Where to buy?

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We can use Epsom salt for hair care in several ways.

Peeling of the scalp

Add half a teaspoon of salt to the base, i.e. oil or a light conditioner or mask without silicones, massage your head for a few minutes and then normally wash your hair.

My test:
I added the salt to Agofia Baba’s Balsam because I wanted to use it, and it gives very good smoothing effects to my hair and it seems to me that it soothes irritation. So just in case, because the peeling is quite coarse – the irritation was not good luck, the hair was cleansed and fresh, reflected from the root. This is definitely an alternative to sugar peeling – the same effect of very strong cleansing, hand rubbing, but too strong for me. I prefer a clay scrub.

Cleansing hair shampoo

We add a solution of dissolved salt to the portion of a gentle shampoo if we want to increase its effect and reflect the hair from the root.

My test:

For my hair, the salt has the same effect as washing with the addition of baking soda – it cleanses and increases the volume well. However, I prefer to use soda, because salt works best for me in the rinse and conditioner, and soda, however, is cheaper.

Removal of varnish and other hair stylists

Add 4 lemon juice and 1 cup of Epsom salt to 4 liters of water. Put away the lid closed daily. The next day, apply the mixture to dry hair. Wait 20 minutes and wash your hair as usual.

Spray for wavy hair / natural hair spray

Dissolve a tablespoon of Epsom salt in a cup of warm water, pour into a bottle and spray it through your hair. Put it in your hair and let it dry naturally. Also suitable as a varnish for straight hair.

I have not tried this method yet, but it will definitely be testing! πŸ™‚

Increased hair volume

Also, part of the salt and hair conditioner is mixed in a dish, then heated in a water bath to dissolve the salt more easily. It then massages into the hair and rinses after about 10 minutes.

A mask that smooths hair with bitter salt

The powder is mixed with any organic hair mask in equal parts, applied evenly to the hair after washing and rinsed thoroughly after about 20 minutes. The mask has a smoothening effect, adds flowability and helps to control oily skin.

My test:

I poured half the sachet into a bowl, crushed the crystals gently with a teaspoon and dissolved it with a little moisturizing oil spray. Then mixed with a portion of the ORS hair mask, which is very thick and very nourishing itself (so the extra water does not hurt it at all πŸ™‚ I’m cleansing my hair with a cleansing shampoo with a stronger detergent, and then I applied the pulp to the scalp gently massaging and ironing exactly in hair on the length. I wrapped my hair with plastic wrap and turban. After half an hour I washed everything with cool water and let it dry naturally.

Effects: hair nicely reflected from the scalp, noticeable effect of light smoothing, much greater softness, visually appears to be more and they are shiny, definitely thicker to the touch. We will see how long this effect will continue …

Bitter hair salt lotion

I used the rinse aid according to the recipe from the Do-it-yourself store. Aloe Lotion cream from L-cysteine, so that the test and comparison of effects was most reliable.

– a flat teaspoon of concentrated aloe vera or aloe gel or 2 bottle juice
-L-cysteine ​​3 flat teaspoons
– warm water 43 ml or about half a glass

My test:

In my hair, the bitter salt gives very similar effects to the l-cysteine lotion. The hair is smooth, loose and reflected from the root. They shine more than usual and can not get in, and since I’ve turned on the radiators, I have a small problem with that. The hair was no longer fresh – but maybe it was because I got used to washing it every other day – and I did not notice faster greasing.

That’s all without the stinky L-cysteine stink πŸ™‚ In addition to the product that I already had at home and had to use something. I will definitely buy a supply of bitter salt and will continue to test it.

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