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Vianek natural cosmetics, what do I think about them? What to buy?

Hello, darlings! Today it’s time for a review of Vianek natural cosmetics, which is another post with news in the care of my face, hair and body. It is a brand very well known on the market of drugstore cosmetics with natural ingredients.

I have been using their creams and gels for years, so I decided to reach for a few new products to test and see what I think about them and whether they are worth buying. If you are curious what I chose and how these cosmetics worked for me, I invite you to the next part of the post and my short review.

Vianek natural cosmetics, what do I think about them? What to buy?

Vianek natural cosmetics, Soothing scalp scrub

It was my first cosmetic of this type, i.e. a ready-made store-bought scrub for the scalp. So far, I’ve used homemade scrubs based on clay or coffee grounds, so I wanted to finally try the branded ones. I expected a typical sweet smell, but the peeling has a rather delicate, slightly sweetish smell, probably due to the smell of raw materials, it resembles the smell of weathered orange essential oil.

Vianek, Soothing Scrub for the Scalp

I used it once a week, together with the hair growth mask treatment and after a month of regular use I can see the effects. My scalp is cleansed, there are no irritations, my hair gets oily slower. It has a very good and natural composition, cleans the scalp nicely, the hair is soft and delicate. It is easy to wash off the hair and does not burden the scalp, even if I wash my hair only with conditioner.

Vianek natural cosmetics, what do I think about them? What to buy?

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Wcierka Vianek, Normalizing tonic – rubs into the scalp

Vianek is a non-alcoholic wcierka with herbal extracts, it contains a complex of extracts from Polish herbs and essential oils. Wcierka Vianek is light yellow in color, you can feel herbal extracts in it, but the smell itself is sweet, herbal, mild and delicate. Herbal ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin and stimulate blood circulation, have antibacterial properties and stimulate the work of hair bulbs. I haven’t noticed a significant reduction in hair loss or crazy hair growth, but the manufacturer’s main promises even came true. My hair gets greasy much slower, keeps it fresh even under a cap, looks healthier, stronger and shinier. Hairstyle gets greasy after four days, which is probably my record, I don’t have to wash it so often. In addition, soon after the treatment, I noticed a rash of babyhair!

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Vianek natural cosmetics, what do I think about them? What to buy?

Vianek natural cosmetics, nourishing hand cream

Rich hand cream for intensive care of damaged and dry skin. It is dense and substantial. However, it does not leave an oily film on the hands, it absorbs right away and the hydration after use is sufficient, I don’t have to use it too often. my hands like it especially after frost and cleaning. It quickly soothes irritations, supports wound healing, I don’t have dry skin. After application, the hands are smooth and very soft, and regenerated after regular use. I recommend this hand cream to anyone who struggles with dry skin and wants to take care of it properly for the winter. It’s definitely worth picking up on promotion.

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Vianek natural cosmetics, what do I think about them? What to buy?

Vianek, refreshing and energizing shower gel

Vianek gel with a beautiful, fresh scent definitely makes my daily shower more pleasant; sometimes it seems like the smell of juicy green apples with a hint of sage, sometimes a summer meadow, more floral. The consistency is a bit runny, cloudy, gel, but it does not flow from the hand. Good performance and the gel has an expiration date of 3 months written on it. The gel foams well and cleanses well, giving a feeling of freshness, but not cooling. I especially love to use it after training, on sweaty, overheated skin. The skin after use is soft and delicate, what more could you want?

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Vianek natural cosmetics, Anti-wrinkle face elixir

Vianek Serum, Anti-wrinkle face elixir is in the form of a yellow oil gel. It smells delicate and very natural. Despite the high oil content, the consistency of the cosmetic is light, quite runny and non-greasy, it spreads easily and is quickly absorbed. Optimally moisturizes, does not irritate my dry skin. It does not leave an oily coating on the surface of the skin, but a delicate film.

After using the serum, my skin is moisturized, elastic, soft and visibly smoother, and spider veins, redness and wrinkles are less visible. The hydration lasts for a long time and the skin tone has become more even, I am very pleased with the effect. The product is effective and very efficient.

Vianek and Sylveco face creams

I got the creams when I was shopping at the pharmacy, until I got a plastic bag. I took them with me on every trip. Handy sachet, easy to open. I used up the rest at home, because I was afraid that I had them for a long time and they might spoil. I used so many sachets that I could easily do a review of all Vianek and Sylveco creams. But I think that sample reviews look bad on blogs, so it’s a shame, I’ll write in short: they are great. Light, not rich, but moisturizing, perfect for everyday use. The sea buckthorn oil was the best because the color was really like sea buckthorn oil, leaving a nourishing layer on the face that you could feel. The strengthening one was also more substantial, I used it sometimes also under the eyes. Birch had a smell of betulin and it really worked on my imperfections. If I were to buy one in the future, it would be these.

Do you know this scrub, gel or other Vianek cosmetics? Asia

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