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Vegan recipes for holidays, Christmas Eve and Christmas

Hey loved ones! Today I have a set of recipes for delicious Christmas dishes, i.e. vegan recipes for traditional delicacies. Many people cannot imagine Christmas without these tasty dishes, but we do not have to give up on a vegan diet. They can be easily prepared in a healthier version, then they will be much lighter, healthier, but just as delicious and filling.

Every year my grandmother organized a completely vegan holiday, just for my sake – but no one knew it and we ate traditional vegan dishes with great taste, it was our sweet secret!

On my blog you will also find a lot of such recipes. I have prepared for you a small list of a dozen or so traditional dishes that cannot be missing from our festive table. Gradually, their collection will certainly increase, and I will also supplement these lists on a regular basis. I hope the regulations will be helpful for you! Check out my collection for vegan recipes for holidays, Christmas Eve and Christmas!

Vegan recipes for holidays, Christmas Eve and Christmas

Vegan gingerbread for Christmas (also gluten-free)

Great not only for a festive table or as an ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. It is a reliable recipe that I have tried many times. They are crunchy, fragrant and delicious, because they are not sweet, but they are spicy, perfect for hot chocolate or mulled wine.

They are made easily and in a really short time, so it is a good recipe even for novice cooks. In addition, we can easily modify this recipe – make them sugar-free, less sweet, made of gluten-free flour or more dietary. We can also decorate them with toppings or sprinkles, then they look very effective. The gingerbread cookies always come out, rise beautifully, are moist, crunchy and delicious. My family eats them right out of the oven.

Vegan muffins – how to make? The best recipe

When there is nothing sweet at home, I always reach for warm and delicious muffins. They are made easily and in a really short time, so it is a good recipe even for novice cooks. The recipe can be modified freely, according to what we have at home and they always come out, grow beautifully, are moist, crunchy and delicious. They disappear in the blink of an eye!

Celery and pumpkin seed pate, vegan bread paste

A recipe for a delicious green celery and pumpkin seed pate. Free from meat, but rich in healthy fats, fiber and vitamins. Perfect for spreading on bread as well as roasting dinner. It has a very interesting, dry taste, which I feel is proud! Brilliant pate for the festive table.

Vegan poppy seed cake | fit recipe for the holidays

Another fit recipe for delicious, not only Christmas sweets: vegan poppy seed cake, i.e. traditional poppy seed cake with dried fruits and nuts. It is also perfect for everyday coffee, as well as for unannounced guests.

Vegan oatmeal cookies with cranberry and coconut

Another recipe for delicious and healthy fit desserts – vegan oatmeal cookies with cranberry and coconut. Table decoration not only on holidays, but also on a daily basis. Great as a small, personal gift.

Homemade vegan mayonnaise – cheap, vegetable and healthy

It will certainly be tastier and healthier than the store products – although vegan, they are based on refined rapeseed or soybean oils and with the addition of vinegar and sugar. However, you can make this homemade mayonnaise every day, it is delicious with vegan eggs as a side dish and for sandwiches or salads – in my kitchen it has been very useful recently.

Vegan mushroom and soy stew

Vegan mushroom-soy stew, made of sauerkraut, dried mushrooms and soy cubes. After all, our festive table cannot miss this traditional dish! I admit that such a warm, fragrant, aromatic mushroom dish is my favorite Christmas Eve dish! Nothing compares to the taste of properly prepared homemade stew. In addition, we have a vegan version, less fat than the traditional one and much healthier, but the taste can sometimes be mistaken for a typical bigos, so no worries, all household members will eat it.

Mulled wine with apples, honey and ginger | without sugar and alcohol

Homemade mulled wine with apples, honey and ginger. No sugar or alcohol and no harmful chemicals. You surely know the taste of traditional mulled wine, it was and still is a very popular addition to the winter weather as well as a drink for Christmas.

Today, mum will give you a slightly healthier version, also good for children and people on a diet. It is an easy-to-make, hot and delicious apple drink with hints of honey and spices. As you can see, mulled wine does not always need alcohol to taste and warm up. The smell and taste of spices will go well with Christmas dishes, and the addition of ginger will be useful especially after a hearty dinner.

I hope the regulations will be of great help to you! Let me know if it tasted good. Check out my collection for vegan recipes for holidays, Christmas Eve and Christmas!

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