The first effects after a monthly treatment with Biotebal tablets (biotin 5 mg)

Biotebal tablets are ordinary biotin, otherwise known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. It is this component that has the strongest effect on strengthening hair. The use of biotin 5 mg every day for two months strengthens the hair, while baldness applies a shock dose of three tablets a day for 5 mg.

Why Biotin and Biotebal?

I have been a vegetarian for over a dozen years and for a long time I suffered from vitamin deficiencies, especially B group vitamins, and I blame it on fast diets and poor supplementation. The result was thinning hair and poor skin and nails. Since I have been planning meals more carefully and using vitamins, everything has improved, mainly thanks to the use of yeast. Now, in winter, my hair is starting to fall out again.

I concluded that biotin may be missing because I do not eat almost anything that contains a large dose of biotin. I bought Biotebal because it has the largest dose of biotin on the market, plus great online reviews. Recently, I finished the first pack, I used 1 tablet a day and noticed that the loss begins to subside. I also use the Falvit vitamin complex, because it also contains vitamin D, a large dose of thick B vitamins that greatly affect my hair and B12, which I still have to take.

What are my impressions after a monthly treatment with Biotebal tablets?

Effect on nails:
Maybe it’s strange, but it’s the first effect I’ve noticed. I have soft, damaged nails, which, after reaching a certain length, hide ugly on the sides and underneath. they often crumble, break and break, so I just cut them short. Even a hardening conditioner will not help much here. I have recently worn long, apparently harder nails with white tips and I think it is thanks to these pills, because I do not use anything else that could help them. Of course, at home work before Christmas, one has already “broken off” 🙂 But since then he has evidently grown. I am impressed, I hope that it will be a long-term effect, which will remain long after the end of the treatment.
Summary: excellent biotin effect on the nails. I have never had such long, hard and non-breaking nails as Biotebal, and they are definitely growing rapidly.

Hair effect:
My hair grew about 3 cm this month, but it’s the advantage of a complex, conscious care according to plan, which I put together to regrow damaged hair, so it’s difficult to be objective here.
I assume that Biotebal helped here in the increment, because, according to what other girls from blog blogs write – hair grows faster all over the body 🙂 And you need twice the chance to undergo depilation treatments.

In addition, I noticed a burst of baby hair. And half the less hair falling out when washing and combing. Overall, I have the impression that the hair is more, it seems to be thicker, stronger to the touch and slightly reflected from the root.

Effect on the skin
I did not notice a special difference in the state of the face or body … But I generally do not have major problems with imperfections, so in a younger person could work better. Maybe only the lack of big, chubby pimples on the chin that always appear before the period?


I know that the visible effects are to come only after about two months and you have to wait patiently for them, but as you can see, I am already satisfied with these results and I will definitely continue the treatment. The package contains thirty tablets of 5 mg biotin. Ahead of the next started pack and I think that after the second month the effects on my hair and nails will be even better.

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