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Terra Naturi, Magic Burgundy eyeshadow palette

Hey loved ones! I come to you today with another post about my new make-up cosmetics, this time it will be Terra Naturi, a shadow palette in the color 01 Magic Burgundy. Every time I’m on a trip abroad and I see Drugstore Muller, I have to go there to buy a stock of cheap makeup products with good natural ingredients. This palette comes from a promotion in this store.

Clean Beauty products are very popular in Germany and the Czech Republic, so there is a huge selection of them and even in the cheapest wardrobes with care and makeup, we can find pearls and quite good compositions. Unfortunately, we are only now introducing more natural foundations and the Clean Beaty series, but fortunately the market is changing for the better. Today I wanted to show you some of my favorite eyeshadows, which I actually bought only because of the purples, but then I loved and I use it very often for everyday makeup. If you want to see how it worked for me and see the color swatch, I invite you to the rest of the review.

Terra Naturi, eyeshadow palette

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Terra Naturi Naturkosmetic, 01 Magic Burgundy eyeshadow palette

The Terra Naturi “Magic Burgundy” eyeshadow palette provides an irresistible color sensation thanks to perfectly matched shades and makes your eyes shine. No synthetic preservatives. Compatibility with eyes and contact lenses confirmed by an ophthalmologist.

Thanks to the eyeshadow palette, your imagination will happily join your makeup routine! There are many possibilities: whether you want an expressive smokey eye look or a nude look, this collection of six harmonious colors will help you achieve the desired effect.


  • 1. Apply a light color to the entire eyelid and brow bone.
  • 2. Apply another light to medium color to the moving eyelid, then carefully blend the color transitions.
  • 3. Apply a darker color to the crease of the eyelid.
  • 4. Apply the darkest color along the lash line.
Terra Naturi, eyeshadow palette

Price: PLN 25 (the promotion is about PLN 10)

The palette contains 6 eyeshadows


talcmicacaprylic / capric triglyceridemagnesium stearatemacadamia integrifolia / tetraphylla seed oilricinus communis seed oil [1] kaolintocopherolhelianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil [1] glyceryl caprylatep-anisic acidparfum (titanium fragrance) [2] tin oxide dioxide) ci 77742ci 77499 (iron oxides) ci 77492 (iron oxides) ci 77491 (iron oxides) ci 77007 (ultramarines)

Terra Naturi, 01 Magic Burgundy eyeshadow palette

My opinion:

The Terra Naturi eyeshadow palette really surprised me positively. I consider this brand to be good for cheap and natural cosmetics. sometimes, however, it releases limited editions or new product formulas, and then quality like medium-shelf makeup and compositions – a dream. Incomparable with Alterra, it can compete with “regular” makeup in any drugstore.

Terra Naturi, matchmakers

It was a bit different with this palette. I did swatches in the store and I didn’t like the pigmentation or colors in any of their palettes. In the end I bought these, actually only because of the purples, but then I love them and use them very often for everyday makeup. These are one of my favorite eye shadows. Unfortunately, the packaging is cheap and shoddy, the plastic has not broken down yet, it is probably a matter of luck.

Terra Naturi, matchmakers

The shadows themselves are wonderful. They look pearly, but rather satin / velvety, with a slight sparkle, incredibly buttery. The eye application was easy and quick, and the color could be partially intensified, blending and blending easily. Unfortunately they are falling apart. The darkest ones are unfortunately too light, they are not as well pigmented as they look, so without an eye base / wet application, you can easily use them as eyeliner or darken the upper lash line.

Terra Naturi, matchmakers

The coverage is good enough and the highlights are just lovely all over the eyelid. The shadows stick to the base well, they do not bend, and I did not notice any fading during the day. I use a solo palette as well as an extra addition to matte values ​​in beige shades. It always comes out great, even for beginners.

Terra Naturi, matchmakers


I am satisfied with these Terra Naturi cosmetics and I will certainly be tempted by other colors of eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and foundations, as soon as they are available from us. Cheap, good and with a good composition, so they can be forgiven for any shortcomings. I am very glad that I bought this palette, it is definitely a cheap and good alternative to loose mineral pigments.

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