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Terra Naturi, Henna blond and Hennedrog, Henne natur

Hello guys! Today I come to you with a review after dyeing Terra Naturi henna, henna blond and Hennedrog, Henne natur in a shade of chesnut. I bought these products some time ago in Budapest – Terra Naturi in Drogeria Muller, because it is a brand of natural cosmetics, there were also many other shades of this natural paint.

And I got French henna with the addition of indigo by accident in a small Arab shop, it was mainly a grocery store, but there were also some natural oils and creams, and my eye was immediately drawn to this henna. The inscription: henne natur, shade was one across the store – too bad there wasn’t pure henna instead. She was suspicious, even very suspicious. It looked like something sold at a bazaar to naive tourists, and could have anything in store. Just like herbs, but I was afraid anyway. As I already had huge roots and I didn’t see any other henna or any herbal paint in all of Budapest, and this one was very cheap, I decided to take the risk and bought one package for testing. If you want to know what happened with this henna dyeing, please check my test and review.

Terra Naturi, Blonde Henna for hair coloring

Terra Naturi, Blonde Henna for hair coloring

Pure herbal henna for coloring blonde hair is a finely ground powder of chamomile flowers and cassia leaves, which gives the hair a beautiful color and brilliant shine. The final color effect can be freely adjusted by mixing with other Terra Naturi hair color powders. The intensity of the color obtained depends on the amount of plant powder used and the time the hair is exposed to the product.


chamomilla recutita flower powder (kamillenpulver), cassia auriculata leaf powder (cassiapulver), acacia catechu wood extract (akazienpulver), lawsonia inermis leaf powder (hennapulver)

PLN 19.19
Capacity: 100 g
Availability: Muller

Terra Naturi, Blonde Henna for hair coloring

My opinion:

Terra Naturi is a natural and cheap private label of the German drugstore Muller, similar to Alverde and Alterra, but with better, in my opinion, ingredients. They have a whole series of cheap cosmetics for washing and care of the face and body, and quite good series for hair. I obsessively buy their eco makeup.

However, I was very positively surprised by this herbal mixture – cardboard eco packaging, reasonable and reliable product description and low price. This henna blonde is a great and cheap herbal hair conditioner. Unfortunately, I found it at the end of the holidays, because earlier I had found henna for a reasonable price and it was nowhere to be found. Here we have a blend of blond, typical herbs with cassia. There was also henna and shades of brown from this series. I bought this color in order to deeply nourish my hair and give it a honey shine.

I crushed the mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions , without leaving it aside. It was well ground, fresh and fragrant, tightly closed. Very good consistency when applied, creamy, smooth and without lumps, hardly stains the bathroom. I wanted shine and nourishment and that’s what happened, beautiful and honey glow, straight, loose and soft hair right after dyeing, no dryness. Even the suckers and the gray hair are bright yellow, so the herbs have power. Overall, I am very happy with the results. In addition, the Terra Naturi blonde blend was on sale, for about PLN 13, which makes it probably the cheapest herbal paint I have tested. Great herbs to test, I recommend!

Hennedrog, Henne natur, chestnut shade

  • An alternative for women who want to avoid common chemicals and whiten this feature in hair dyes
  • free from parabens, ammonia and ppd
  • The brown henna powder adds a natural brown shade to the hair
  • Excellent shine and suitable for use during pregnancy

Chestnut Henna is a natural plant dye associated with other plants, henna enlivens the hair or enriches it with nuanced reflections. By strengthening the bulbs, it envelops the hair and maintains its vital functions, providing the hairstyle with elasticity, shine and volume. It is a balancing and regenerating hair treatment.

Capacity: 90 g
Price: approx. PLN 7.

My opinion:

I bought this henna by accident. I walked from the street to a tiny shop labeled Dubai Market, more out of curiosity, looking for nice food, I will confess immediately than cosmetics. But there were some oils and creams, and my eye was immediately caught by this henna. The inscription: henne natur, shade was one across the store – too bad there wasn’t pure henna instead.

She was suspect. Even a lot. It looked like something sold at a bazaar to naive tourists, and could have anything in store. Just herbs, but I was scared. The network is full of videos of girls with hair falling out after PPD. However, I already had huge suckers and I didn’t see any other henna or any herbal paint in all of Budapest.

The price is about PLN 7, the shade will definitely be very cool and dark, it can also be black. Will he catch any roots at all, without two-step dyeing? I had a lot of doubts. And the old gentleman in the corner was not helpful, not a word of English. In the end, I googled that this is a real, small, French company, their products can also be bought on amazon. So I bought the packaging and after testing it I don’t regret it.

I made it according to the manufacturer’s description – no acidification, no standing. The color of the mixture seemed strangely light to me, and there were a lot of lumps in the mass that were difficult to break. So I decided to mix it with the rest of Cassi that I had brought from home and went to apply henna to well-cleaned hair, using a strong shampoo and no chelating mask – for lack of time and products. At this point, the mixture darkened even more. But I applied it well, despite the lumps. It did not dry in the bowl, which is often the case. I applied it to the regrowth and bottom of my hair, wrapped my hair in foil as usual.

The color turned out to be medium brown, nice, not too dark, the roots were also caught. The color was great in the sun, the hair was nourished and soft. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the indigo was sitting on top of my hair and it quickly turned to reddish. Well, you had to bring a hendigo from home, not play in such precarious mixes.

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MImo is delighted to be able to purchase such non-nutritious and exotic herbal mixtures for natural hair dyeing. Terra Naturi is one of my favorite brands and the next time I will definitely go to Muller for bigger shopping. I will also take pure henna for test.

I liked the French henna less, but I also don’t regret the experiment. But it was the perfect paint for the rest of my vacation when I didn’t have access to my usual Venity. I don’t regret testing, but urge you to be careful about such things, anyway.

Do you know such hair hennas? Asia

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