How to reduce hair loss and accelerate hair growth? DIY hair growth tonic from Fenugreek

A few days ago, I started the treatment with a hair-piece from fenugreek. This herb is known in the hair blogosphere as a miraculous remedy limiting hair loss and accelerating their growth – important for those who grow. Well, I’ve used this treatment a year ago, in the fall, when I really missed them. Lotion did not help me much, she was a bit troublesome to use by her characteristic smell of “broth” (similar to maggi) and slightly oily my scalp. But I have a brew that helped with hair growth, it’s a pity that I did not measure the results then, but the difference was even visible to my family. I decided to repeat the treatment, firstly because I have a supply of herbs at home that I use only sometimes to Cassia and it is a pity that it would be wasted. And secondly, I’m growing my hair and I’m going to use a lot of different way to give this scalp as much as possible of nutrients.

I have already used the homemade waster treatment with semi-finished products and the shop lotions, it is time for a monthly fenugreek treatment.

Where to buy the herb

It is worth asking at the pharmacy, but most likely they will have to bring it back. It’s best to look for fenugreek online stores. Necessarily in the form of ground, not whole seeds. Price: approx. PLN 4 / packaging.

How I prepare a hair wrap


essential oil rosemary

A spoonful (5 ml) of ground fenugreek seeds is poured over 100 ml of water, preferably distilled water. I made half the proportions, because it’s better to use it faster and make a new portion than it would break down.
It is best to boil the decoction about 10 minutes, then cool.

I strain the infusion through a small strainer. I add a spoonful of food vodka to it (not necessarily, but it’s good to add something for preservation and better absorb it into the skin). You can also add a few drops of rosemary oil, which accelerates blood circulation, suppresses hair loss, cures dandruff and normalizes oily skin. I like to add it also to kill the smell of broth, it also has an antibacterial effect and prolongs the fenugreek storage time. (You can also add peppermint oil, tea tree, lemon tree etc., but no more than 5 drops of essential oils for 50 ml of tea – can irritate).

I keep the mixture in the refrigerator, in a glass pharmacy bought at the flea market.

How to use a hair rince?

Rub into the scalp once or twice a day. I collect Wcierka into the syringe (also for pennies from the pharmacy, it is easier to buy a new one than sterilize and wash used) I measure 5 ml in it and with this amount I rub my scalp, then I do an exact massage with my fingertips. The treatment can be used every day for 3-4 weeks, then take a week break and you can repeat the treatment from the beginning. Although I would not recommend using only one wrana one time, it is better to use it several times a year, interchangeably with other ingredients for the best effects in the growth and density of hair.

For the consumption and beauty benefits, you can also apply the cream as a facial lotion – supposedly Kozieradka can also heal acne, so when applying to the hair, I never forget to wipe the skin with a wet cotton swab. It can also be used as a foundation for oiling hair, a base for face masks and scalp masks with herbs, in which the Fenugreek gives a smooth, spreadable consistency.
I will continue the treatment for a month, replace the fluid with a new one every few days. Then I will measure my hair and see what the effects will be.

Have you already used this treatment, what are the results?

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