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Hand sanitizer gel – DIY home recipes

Today, an unusual post about health: I decided to make my own DIY hand sanitizer gel, or antibacterial gel, because in stores recently you can not get it.

Unfortunately, my city panicked before the coronavirus epidemic … I also found out that I bought soap and wipes to refresh. Maybe it is good that people finally began to attach such importance to personal hygiene … But the end of jokes, because infectious diseases are nothing funny.

I will tell you that such a simple gel or hand spray can be done easily and cheaply at home. Especially if you can’t buy it at the usual price in the store. So I decided to make such quick mini recipes, mini tips for people who really need something to wipe these hands and feel a little more confident. I invite you to the rest of the post!

Homemade antibacterial hand gel

What instead of an antibacterial hand gel?

All kinds of alcohol

Antibacterial gel is a simple substance – a simple gel with the addition of alcohol and fragrances, soothing, moisturizing or preservative. Of course, alcohol is antibacterial here. We can buy (at any pharmacy and for pennies) salicylic alcohol.

Sometimes you can get it with the addition of soothing substances – chamomile, aloe. Also found in spray bottles. And if we don’t find one, the way is simple – pour the spirit into the empty bottle, e.g. perfume or tonic. Just spray the inside of your hands and rub them for yourself. Why spray Pouring liquid on your hands will almost certainly end up spilling …

Antibacterial hand gel

DIY homemade antibacterial hand spray


  • salicylic alcohol or other high-percentage alcohol
  • Optional: tea tree oil or old perfume
  • moisturizing additives: aloe vera gel or extract, hyaluronic gel, glycerin, cosmetic oil, soothing allantoin
  • spray bottle


The spray is very simple to make and we do not need to have knowledge in the field of cosmetic biochemistry.

In a small beaker or glass, mix alcohol and alcohol with 95 to 5 percent soothing ingredients at home. I think it would be good to add aloe vera there, because the alcohol itself will dry hands very much, and many people hate this feeling of tightness. Tea oil will not only give the cosmetic a beautiful fragrance, but also has a natural antibacterial effect. You can also use a few drops of mint – not too much. The easiest way to buy glycerin – a small bottle is in every pharmacy. Pour everything into the container and shake before each use.

The same as salicylic alcohol should work this food, vodka and even old perfumes.

Remember to use hand cream after the spray if possible. And the use of alcohol in our hands does not free us from the obligation to wash our hands properly several times a day – especially before meals!

Children and people sensitive to alcohol can wipe their hands with moisturizing wipes mixed with this preparation. Although it is not known whether they were not bought out … The wipes themselves will not work, but those marked as antibacterial – more reliable.

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Some people, like me, have a habit of wiping their hands with gel if they are in public places like office, public transport or toilets. The spray formula may not work here, which is why I decided to make a traditional hand gel, based on the same alcohol and other ingredients that you can easily find in a regular store or pharmacy.

Antibacterial hand gel

Hand sanitizer gel DIY


  • salicylic alcohol or other high-percentage alcohol
  • ultrasound gel or aloe vera gel
  • Optional: tea tree oil or old perfume
  • moisturizing additives: hyaluronic gel, glycerin, cosmetic oil, soothing allantoin
  • a small bottle with a tight stopper
  • * optional: thickening ingredients, guar gum, polymer thickener, polysorbate 20

Hand sanitizer gel -how to:

Time needed:  5 min.

  • We squeeze any gel with a simple composition into the beaker / small glass.In the recipe I use Ziaja gel for ultrasound, cost about PLN 5 at each pharmacy.
  • We add 10% alcohol and mix.We start in small portions until we reach the right consistency. If we don’t have the other ingredients, the gel may turn out to be too thin.
  • Then add moisturizing ingredients.Aloe gel (of course, you can also make the whole preparation on it) glycerin, cosmetic oils.
  • Finally, we add something fragrante.g. tea oil, cake flavoring oil or a few drops of perfume. Mix thoroughly and pour into an airtight bottle.
Antibacterial hand gel – DIY home recipes

* People familiar with cosmetic biochemistry (thanks to which we can create almost any cosmetic at home), they certainly know how to make the simplest gel, e.g. aloe vera. Polysorbate 20 is added here so that you don’t have to shake the bottle before each use. The ingredients easily combine into an emulsion. Mixing of guar gum will allow us to thicken the preparation to the extent that we will be able to add a lot more alcohol to it. However, if you need an exact recipe, let me know in the comments!

Carefully pour the gel inside one hand and make a rubbing gesture similar to washing your hands. Remember the space between your fingers and the top of your hands.

Antibacterial hand gel, combined with basic personal hygiene is quite an effective means of protecting not only against the coronavirus epidemic, but also ordinary spring-autumn infections.

Homemade antibacterial hand gel

Hand cream with alcohol or gel

The last option for reluctant, i.e. people who do not like dry alcohol on their hands may be a cream with additives. It won’t be as effective against bacteria, but it will always help.


We squeeze a portion of the usual hand cream, preferably thicker than the thinner one, into a small container that we will conveniently carry around the city. We add to it at least 10% alcohol or ready antibacterial gel (if, for example, it is too thin and difficult to use) for the entire volume and mix to the right consistency.

We can also add a few drops of oils or aloe vera gel for better hydration of the skin of the hands.

Antibacterial hand gel

Asept or other preparations for decontaminating wounds

Also, this product for washing wounds can work as an antibacterial gel. Although I will not use it, because I just feel sorry to lose it when in pharmacies there is cheap and reliable salicylic alcohol. However, I recommend having it in every home medicine cabinet. You probably already know that we do not wash the wounds with hydrogen peroxide, but only with a special, aseptic preparation. Especially if we have clawed cats …

Will you do my hand sanitizer gel?

I hope that with this post I helped you a bit, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! Ania

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