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Gelatin for hair: lamination and other DIY recipes

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Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair care – gelatin, ie lamination , rinses, masks and other DIY recipes that will help us achieve beautiful, smooth and shiny surfaces.

Gelatin is a long-known ingredient in kitchen cabinets that we can use for home treatments for hair, face and body. It will help us to achieve smooth and healthy shiny hair in a simple and quick way, and also nourish it perfectly. After the first application, they will be soft to the touch and certainly much healthier. Gelatine has already been a bit forgotten, replaced by store cosmetics and new recipes for the use of semi-finished products. However, I think it is worth recalling! Hair lamination is a great cosmetic, it does not require special preparations, it is very cheap and we can easily do it at home. Lamination nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the hair, restores its shine and healthy look, reduces frizz and, most importantly, brilliantly smoothes it and makes it look smoother and shiny. So, if you are curious how use gelatin in naturlanje, your hair care, see the rest of the post.

Why gelatin for hair?

Gelatin is an animal protein produced from collagen. After dissolving in water, it forms a viscous solution, turning into jelly after cooling. Gelatin has many properties, which is why it has found wide application, not only in the food industry, but also in cosmetics.
In the production of cosmetics, gelatin is usually a thickener and a carrier of active ingredients, and protects the skin against the potentially irritating effects of some cosmetic ingredients. Gelatin can be used in hair shampoos, hair conditioners, washing gels, liquid soaps, antiperspirants, moisturizing lotions, creams with UV filter, hair styling mousses or nail polish removers. Gelatin in cosmetic products is safe. It does not adversely affect the skin and rarely causes allergies.

Gelatin used internally strengthens the hair and accelerates its growth. Externally, it is used in hair masks and preparations for strengthening nails.

Gelatin hair rinse

The rinse is a quick and easy method to shine and smooth unruly hair. It is made similarly to herbal rinses. Dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in two glasses of boiling water. After it has cooled down, rinse your freshly washed hair with it. It is an easily available and cheap alternative to L-cysteine ​​mouthwash.

Herbal lotion for hair growth of gelatins ±

We can also add gelatin to the ready mixture for herbal gargle. Dissolve it in water instead of water, and in a ready-made rinse with hair strengthening herbs: burdock, nettle, mint, fenugreek, etc. Then the rinse will strengthen and nourish the hair, and thanks to the gelatin proteins it will have less drying effect on the length, as is often the case with herbs.

Gelatin tonic for shining hair

A gloss tonic works similar to a rinse. It is also done quickly and very simply. Dissolve two teaspoons of gelatin in two glasses of warm water, optionally add half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
We pour tonic over wet hair after washing as the last step and do not rinse it anymore. The sheet on straight hair is guaranteed.

Gel for curly hair: gelatin styler

Few people know that gelatin can be used as a hair styler – it works in the same way as linseed slime. But remember that this is a protein styler, so I wouldn’t use it too often.

Dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in a glass of warm water. Set aside in the fridge until it sets. It should be slightly liquid but jelly-like. You can also add slime, semi-finished products or fragrance oils. We tear off the mass with our fingers and style the wet hair as usual.

Shampoo laminating with gelatins ±

This is a great method for frizzy, difficult to style hair. It smoothes and polishes them and adds volume. Mix a mild shampoo portion in a separate container with a teaspoon of gelatin dissolved in a little water, wash your hair – both the scalp and the length. You can also add egg yolk, semi-finished products, honey or herbal infusion to the recipe.

DIY protein hair mask made of gelatin

The mask is a great and cheap alternative to store protein supplements. Smooths and deeply nourishes hair, especially damaged, dry and brittle hair. It adds volume and shine to thin hair.

Dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in a little water and mix until thickened. It is good to do this in a water bath so that no lumps remain. Add the whole egg and two tablespoons of mask / conditioner without silicones and mix again. Apply the warm cosmetic to well-washed hair and wrap it in a turban for about 20 minutes, rinse, and no longer use the second mask to close the care.

Tuning the mask with gelatin

We can add ready-made gelatin in a similar way to any shop or home hair mask to enrich its effect, i.e. to tune it with additional proteins. 1 teaspoon per serving is enough.

Gelatin hair lamination

To laminate hair with gelatin, we need a conditioner with a simple composition, without silicones and preferably without proteins. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of gelatin in a little water and mix until thickened. It is good to do this in a water bath so that no lumps remain. Add a spoon of mask / conditioner and mix again. Apply the warm cosmetic to well-washed hair and wrap it in a turban for about 20 minutes, then rinse.

Hair after such treatment will be very slippery, weighted down and smooth like a mirror. The effect of almost keratin hair straightening at home.

Instead of gelatin

If for some reason you cannot use gelatin (veganism, allergy, poor availability), you can replace it with ready-made dessert jelly, which is even cheaper and even better nourishes and moisturizes your hair.
Jelly is a great cosmetic for our hair, it provides hair with proteins, which are their main building blocks, and sugar, which will additionally moisturize the hair. Such a procedure does not require special preparations, is cheap and can be easily done at home. Lamination nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the hair, restores its shine and healthy appearance, reduces frizz and, most importantly, smoothes it brilliantly.

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It can also be replaced with non-animal agar, but the effects of such lamination will not be so great.


As you can see, for just a few zlotys we can have a really great effect in conscious hair care. I am delighted with the effect of the lamination treatment on my hair every time and I highly recommend it to you.

Let me know if you will take up the challenge of trying the treatment and how it worked for you!

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