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Fit grocery haul from the Czech Republic | vegan and healthly

Hey loved ones! Today I have for you a long time ago we promise post-Fit shopping from the Czech Republic, this time nutritional, or what is worth buying tasty and healthy in Czech stores. These will be fit vegetarian and vegan products, such as fit lunch dishes, sausages, hummus, rice cakes, etc.

As you may know, I am currently on a ketogenic diet, but I am eager to try new things. My sister and boyfriend, on the other hand, remain veggie, which is why we cook all these delicacies for them. When I recently reviewed Solevita drinks from Lidl, you asked me for more of this type of posts, tips and reviews about valuable food products with good composition from stores. Now it’s time for Fit shopping from the Czech Republic. So if you are curious what caught my eye among the store shelves while visiting Prague, I invite you to the next part of the post

Fit shopping from the Czech Republic: what is worth buying in the Czech Republic for vegan food?

Fit shopping from the Czech Republic | vegan dinner and breakfast

Fitness shopping for breakfast:

Protein Pancake, Nutrend

An interesting fact, now available also in our country, but probably not so everywhere and cheaply, in ordinary supermarkets, as in Prague. Delicious and healthy pancakes in a sachet just for a quick breakfast. There is a version with chocolate and vanilla, both of which I recommend.

Patifu, Tofu Lunter, Druid – bread spreads

Typical pates like ours, very popular in Tesco, I recommend oyster mushroom because it is delicious.

Rice and corn cakes

I got used to such bread quickly when traveling, and there it is like a cure, but I don’t think anyone eats it there, it’s easier to find in stores like Drogeria DM as healthy food than in a supermarket. The only one from Bill, rarely available.

Well well, Soya Frankurters and Lunter, Tofu

Another breakfast curiosities, very tasty sausages with a taste of frankfurters, fried for breakfast were a sensation.

Fit shopping from the Czech Republic | vegan dinner and breakfast

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Hummus and tahini taste more like typical sandwich pates, but the Mexican one was delicious, peppery. Very cheap – we took home for supplies.

Zajic, soy drink

Interesting soy milk powder, cheap and available everywhere. We took on the road for smoothies but came in handy for oatmeal as well. Note – sweet, with sugar.

Fit shopping from the Czech Republic for dinner:

Tesco, bulgur mix

The basis of many dinners, i.e. cheap, frozen vegetables and a mixture of groats with bulgur – a very tasty and crunchy, quick-to-cook dish for a healthy fit dinner. To this we add ready-made veggie cutlets only to be reheated.

Real Food, Dobacky, vegan vegetable steaks

something like a beef dish in gravy, quite tasty, nice dark color, always on sale at Bill’s local store. Just take and eat.

Good bread in Czech shops, probably everyone eats rolls made of white flour … The only one that was in Billa and fresh, not thermally packed.

Fit shopping from the Czech Republic | vegan dinner and breakfast

Garden Gourmet, Vegan Vegetable Balls, Veggie Kulicky

Very tasty balls with a typical fake meat flavor, soft and wet inside, not dry. they can also be flattened into cutlets, reheated without fat in a pan. I liked to add it to wraps with salad – a delicious dish for dinner in a few minutes!

Santa Maria Tortilla Wraps

Also constantly discounted, regular wraps, but Tesco has plenty of multigrains at a good price.

An interesting instant soup with Quinoa, they are probably similar in Poland, but they didn’t catch my eye. For a quick dish with a sandwich made of the already mentioned bread. I only smell broccoli in both, but good.

Bonavita, Maxi soy cutlets

A brand that is starting to become popular with us as well. Typical, cheapest dry soy cutlets from Tesco.

Knedliky – sweet dumplings

There was no shortage of dumplings in the Czech Republic, both those from shops and restaurants were simply delicious. Bigger than with us and with cottage cheese.

Do you like such posts about fit store curiosities in the veg version?

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