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Empties 2020 | natural face care cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another empties for you, i.e. natural face cosmetic from almost the entire last year.

I wrote the last entry about hair wear, and this time my bottom will be about face care products. I hope you found this type of post interesting. I plan to write about different consumables along with short reviews much more often, but we’ll see how much I can get this done. Are you curious how many cosmetics I have used since the beginning of 2020? Please see my post!

Empties 2020: natural cosmetics for face care

Flore, a floral face tonic from the Czech Republic

I bought a tonic because I mistook it for a mincell liquid in a Czech drugstore … I do not regret it at all, the tonic had a good composition and price. He smelled beautiful in spring! In addition, I was reminded that this liquid with a high glycerin content was supposed to be a great spray-fixer for makeup. It just had to be poured into an atomizer bottle. I recommend a whole series of these natural cosmetics!

La Roche Possay, Mineral Water
Beauty, Mineral Water Melissa

I use water not only to remove makeup, but also to gently wash my face every morning, so I always lose a lot of them and I don’t see much difference between them. The cheap one from Urody and much more expensive worked just as well for me, I recommend it.

Cosnature, face cleansing foam and sea buckthorn serum

I loved this refreshing and delicate foam, I will definitely come back to it. The serum has a strong fragrance and orange color, but it did very good things for my skin and didn’t leave that color on the sheets.

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Sheet face masks

This year I liked and tested a lot of these masks, but left only one packaging for memory. It is definitely a convenient and interesting solution.

Cosmetic Corundum and Hyaluronic Acid – Make yourself a cream

Corundum works great as a peeling for the face, scalp, hands and nails. I also used the acid as an addition to everything, as well as in DIY face cheeses.

Bielenda, Botanic Formula,
Rival the loop anti-wrinkle face serum, moisturizing serum

Both cheeses worked great for me, although a little different. I love the moisturizing RTL series, and Bielenda serum tensed me nicely and nourished my skin, tired in spring. I have to do a review of both cosmetics.

Empties | natural cosmetics for body care

Nivea Men, moisturizing after shave balm

A universal cosmetic that I pour myself from my boyfriend into such a small package and take it with me for every vacation. It works great as an after-shave lotion, as a make-up base, as a face serum or even after sun lotion. Only this male scent is a bit strange …

Empties: Manuka Honey, nourishing face cream

A great, light, but also nourishing cream with honey that lasted for a really long time.
Series review: Wild Ferns, natural cosmetics with Manuka honey 

Gaja joyful,
Nivea cocoa butter cream, pure & natural,
Bielenda day and night cream, sea algae nourishing face cream

Creams whose action could not actually be seen. Apart from normal hydration and glide on the skin, little more can be said about them. I also used Gaia for the skin on my bust and sometimes for my hands, it smelled beautifully of cocoa. I’m glad Nivea has such a good composition, but the action was quite superficial. My skin requires more from a natural cosmetic, especially at this time of the year.

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It turns out that I have used a lot of cosmetics empties in the last few months. I count the masks as one, although as I mentioned I probably used up the entire bag of them. Is it a lot or a little? Just right I think. I have already thrown away many packages. However, I could certainly use more hair, face and makeup cosmetics.

Do you do cosmetic empties?

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