DIY Washing mask for hair yeast + clays: for quick growth and strengthening hair bulbs

Such a mask will perfectly cleanse the scalp from sebum, any impurities as well as residual oil after emulsification. We can treat it as a combo shampoo with a 2-in-1 hair conditioner, completely natural, organic and without unnecessary chemistry.
For those who grow their hair and those who struggle with falling out, as well as for anyone who likes hand-made home-made potions for washing hair.

The mask is a brilliant alternative, especially for the Yeast Agafia Mask – if we want to try its action (or smell) before buying or we coat the hair products and we do not want to buy anything new yet.

The yeast mask provides the hair with the wealth of essential B vitamins and minerals. It prevents oily hair, falling out and premature aging.

Yeasts act on the hair stimulating and stimulate their growth.
Clay contains a large amount of minerals, gently cleanses the skin and hair by absorbing sebum.

The mask is cheap and effective, so it’s definitely worth trying out. What do we need for such a mixture?

DIY yeast mask for washing and stimulating hair growth


-Spoon of light conditioner without silicones
-Packaging of instant yeast bakery powder (or fresh, dissolved into a paste)
-Clay, preferably white or yellow
-A few drops of light oil, e.g. mustard, linen, argan

possible additions:
-a few drops of rosemary oil (will stimulate growth)
-aloe gel (or flax jelly) for consistency
-possibly – herbs also good for lichen (I often add Tulsi, which has a great effect on hair)

The yeast is poured with a small amount of warm, boiled water and we leave it for a moment to come. Mix with the rest of the ingredients to a thick paste. The more nutrients you add, the more nutritious your hair will be, and to a lesser extent it will work like shampoo.

We put the mask on a damp head, you can also for the length of your hair, do a massage and wrap your hair in foil or under a shower cap for a maximum of twenty minutes, then rinse. If the hair has not been washed for a long time, or oiled too much, the shampoo can not cope with washing and the hair should be washed again with a mild detergent. If you put the mask on the entire length of the hair, remember that it is a protein treatment and it’s better not to overdo it with similar ingredients afterwards šŸ™‚

After such a mask, I usually use a silicone serum on the ends of hair to protect them from damage and to weigh them down.

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