DIY hair mask with grapes, argan oil and black cumin

Today, a quick recipe for a home mask that popped into my hair while oiling. It is a way of tuning, which instantly improves the nutritional effect of the mask and its smoothing properties.

As my base, I used a mask of black cumin (Dabur, Vatika, Black Seed, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask) which is for me, so far an irreplaceable multifunctional conditioner, ideal for creating your own mixtures and mixing, and irreplaceable for washing hair.

Grape seed extract – is a source of natural antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Until now, I used it mainly on the face, but since I read that it also has a good effect on hair – moisturizes, nourishes and above all – excites the anagen of the hair follicles and stimulates the formation of new hair follicle cells (hair growth and regrowth) I also put it to use go to the recipe for a scalp to speed up hair growth (recipe soon) and a mask for moisturizing – rebuilding hair length.

Argan oil – naturally moisturizes the hair, thanks to the presence of vitamin E and fatty acids, regenerates them after hairdressing, prevents frizz and split ends, strengthens them and prevents them from falling out, gives softness and glow.

Recipe for a grape moisturizing and nourishing hair mask with argan oil and black cumin

a spoon of Vatika Hair Mask  (or other base mask / conditioner without silicone plasters)
1 ml of red grape seed extract
10 drops of good quality argan oil

Mix the ingredients on the saucer just before applying to the hair. The mixture is best massaged into the scalp and the length of freshly washed hair, then wrap the hair with foil or cap and keep for 20- 30 minutes, rinse with heat, then with cooler water.

We do not store the rest for more than a few hours, it is better to put more on the hair if it got too much or we can use it together with the addition of clay as a mask for the face or as a deeply nourishing mask for hands and nails.

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