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DIY Coconut & Lavender Hair Wash Conditioner | co-wash

Hey guys! Today I have another hair care recipe for you: DIY Coconut and lavender scented hair wash conditioner. This is by far my last favorite for scalp cleansing!

This specificity not only washes thoroughly, but also smells delicious and nourishes the hair. Especially that I am currently using it for my hair oiling project every day for a month, and such a washing conditioner, i.e. co-wash, will work brilliantly. It won’t dry my hair like using shampoo every day. And it also saves time and cosmetics. It is great for emulsifying oil from the length and scalp, but also for washing and care. Three steps in one, so sometimes this one thing replaces all my care. Especially on those days when I don’t have much time… You know that washing your hair every day can also be tiring. This conditioner leaves your hair clean, moisturized and smooth, and this condition lasts until the next washing. Perfectly!

This type of conditioner is often used by curly-haired girls as less poo, but it will be useful to everyone because it is a very mild agent. I admit that I did not always wash co-wash, sometimes my hair was too heavy for the next day and was suitable for repeated treatments. Thanks to recipes for diy shampoos and tuning store conditioners for washing hair, it is much more efficient and faster.

Hair washing conditioner is cheap and readily available, so it’s definitely worth trying to use it in a recipe. The recipe is also very easy, and I am telling you some tricks and secrets on how to best wash your hair. It is a great method that will work well with greasy hair, but also, for example, during travel, when we do not have how or do not want to buy many cosmetics. If you are interested in how this DIY recipe turned out to me, I invite you to the rest of the post.

DIY Coconut & Lavender Hair Wash Conditioner


  • conditioner with a simple composition, suitable for washing hair (min.80ml)
  • coconut oil – 1 tsp
  • vitamin e- 3 drops
  • moisturizers: hyaluronic acid, d-panthenol, glycerin or aloe gel – 1 teaspoon
  • essential oils: lavender, vanilla
  • mild hair shampoo – half a teaspoon
  • optional: liquid honey, 1 tsp


The washing conditioner is best done in a container or a screwed jar. We measure out the nutrient to it, it should take 3/4 of the entire container. Then we measure the rest of the ingredients to it, starting with the water phase and ending with the oils. We mix well, we can help ourselves with a mixer, a spoon and shaking the jar. The mass should not be too thick and smooth. Too thick, you can dilute with more aloe vera gel, juice or coconut water. Then, however, it will have to be used up quickly. Finally, add fragrance oils as you wish, no more than a few drops, because it can irritate the scalp. Then put the finished product aside for 10 minutes for the conditioner to “chew” and it’s ready. We can wash our hair!

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The proportions can be mixed, actually I often do a co-wash measuring by eye, but remember that too much oil can overload the scalp, and too much honey will stiffen our strands.

Remember that the conditioner has the right composition – it contains cationic washing ingredients in the base of the product, does not contain silicones and adhesives.

Such a tuned conditioner will wash your hair easier and better than an ordinary, cheap product from a store shelf, it is also healthier for the scalp.

How to wash your hair with a conditioner?

We bend our head over the bathtub and soak our hair with warm water. Then we smear the head with a conditioner from a jar, thoroughly cover the scalp with a thick layer. We wait a few minutes. We moisten the water as needed. Apply the product only to the scalp and massage it carefully and gently. Not every conditioner produces foam, but they all emulsify easily. Then we run our fingers down the hair. We rinse everything. Then we nourish the hair as usual. 

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I hope you like these simple DIY recipes based on store products. Soon I will add more recipes for flour shampoos and washing conditioners with interesting additives, e.g. amazing shampoo for hair growth.

Are you curious? Have you heard about such hair washing?

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